Month: February 2017

You’re Covered

The following is a transcription of Voice of Bold Business Radio Program 32: You’re Covered. Program Notes Can be Found Here. Transcript of Program 32: You’re Covered Jessica: Hi, and welcome to the voice of Bold Business Radio. You are listening to Program 32, ‘You’re Covered’. I am your host Jessica Dewell of Red Direction. I want to start with a quote today, from Maya Angelou. This came up in my research for something else that I was doing and I thought it was really profound and useful, right here, right now. She said, “I have my own back.”...

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Earn Your Own Respect

The following is a transcription of Voice of Bold Business Radio Program 7: How Do You Earn Your Own Respect? Program Notes Can be Found Here. Transcript of Program: How Do You Earn Your Own Respect? Jessica: This is Program 7, How do you earn your own respect. I am Jessica Dewell, your host of The Voice of Bold Business Radio. Today, in this program, I have two amazing people, Tanya, and Joel. We’re going to meet them in just a few minutes. But for right now, how do you earn your own respect? We run, we act, we respond....

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Program 35 – Purposeful Yes

When we are busy and our schedules are full make it hard to pause and look at our goals. Look at when our intention (the goals we set) match our action (what problems we are solving). The only way to reflect, measure, and assess progress is by making time to think about it. Jessica Dewell and cohost Tanya Bourque discuss a Purposeful Yes. Starting the conversation… Say YES with purpose Use personal values, company values, and the mission. Contribute for most impact. Full Transcript Here Host: Jessica Dewell Cohost: Tanya Bourque What You Will Hear: Timeless, tried and true....

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You Be The Judge

The following is a transcription of Voice of Bold Business Radio Program 1: You Be The Judge. Audio and Program Notes Can be Found Here. Transcript of Program 1: You Be The Judge Jessica: This is a really interesting show. It came across my radar when Tanya and I were having a fantastic discussion. I cannot wait to introduce you to Tanya. I want to start with; whether or not we are interviewing for a job, we’re trying to close a sale, or we’re even building a new business partnership, to take us in to someplace like a new...

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Program 34 – Lead With Dreams

In addition to being a First Lady, Eleanore Roosevelt served at the United Nations, focusing on human rights and women’s issues and She worked on behalf of the League of Women Voters. Like any leader, she had people that disliked her and people that loved her. Her impact still is felt today through her words and the roles she modeled. Jessica Dewell hosts this Leader’s Discuss panel featuring Debra Oakland and Lori King. Starting the Conversation… “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanore Roosevelt Dreams and leadership, they are intertwined. View Transcript...

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Program 33 – Unexpected & Adaptable

Responsiveness directly correlates to long term strategy and success. Adaptiveness is about being present in the moment and adjusting to what is. Action is the core. We act, and then we can plan (responsiveness). The more of those things we have (preparation, knowledge, and understanding) the easier it can be to adapt. Jessica Dewell hosts Carmen Rojas and Iva Ignjatovic are this programs Leaders Discuss panel. They answer and discuss: How do you prepare for unexpected problems out of your control and plan to be adaptable? Starting the conversation… Responsiveness versus Adaptiveness. How do you prepare for unexpected problems...

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Program 32 – You’re Covered

When things are going well, we don’t want to spend time on thinking about redundancy. We focus on leveraging processes, improving efficiencies, and doing more with less. Yet, when we are sick, we want to take a vacation, or we need to take take time off because of unexpected events and we need covered…what happens? Things fall through the cracks, activities directly related to driving business forward stop. They just stop. If you are focusing on taking care of yourself, or if you are reducing the risk in your organization, or even if you are planning for fast growth…what...

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Program 31 – Notable Impact

It is on the rare occasion we truly look inward and look at what we think and how act. The way we think informs the action we take toward ourselves and others. The way we think shapes how we face adversity. The way we think comes out in the way we talk. We’ve all had stories in our life where we’ve won out over adversity and where we’ve withdrawn in the face of it. Jessica hosts this Lead in Business Today program featuring Diana Elizabeth Jordan. Starting The Conversation… Personal responsibility and Accountability for our own actions. Reflect with...

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Program 30 – Receiving Criticism

We do want to check our reactions. We want to recognize there is something here for us to understand. There is a place for gratitude for the interaction, even if it doesn’t seem like it at all. We want to be curious about what we hear and make sure we understand the root of the criticism. Time is always on our side. Jessica Dewell hosts this Leaders Discuss panel with Geoffrey X Lane and Donna Danielle. Starting The Conversation… Emotions, reactions, and seeking understanding. How do you receive and give criticism? View Transcript Here Host: Jessica Dewell Panel: Geoffrey...

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