Month: April 2017

Program 52 – Winfinity – More Than an Ideal

Win-win-win is when we take the time to pull information out of our people more than direct them with decisions to get the job done. There is power in what each person brings to the team and it’s a challenge for leaders to find it. The challenge is that it takes time, that people have different ideas, and that we get in our own way. It’s easy to decide and tell what work will be done, yet that creates an upper limit of what is possible. Jessica Dewell hosts Voice of Bold Business panelists Jeff Sherman, Lori Anding, and...

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Program 51 – How to Approach Conflict

When we think about conflict…the places we have conflict are treated differently and we are inconsistent in how we approach conflict in different parts of our life discussed by Jessica Dewell, Blair Glaser, and Federico Fioretto. Strategies and guidelines on ways to handle conflict are shared throughout this program. Handling conflict is difficult because of how we approach it, and our reactions to it. Using conflict for creativity and to fuel progress is very different than than conflict rooted in fear or ego. We go from an ideal all the way down to person-to-person conflict. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists...

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Program 50 – How to Handle Rejection

Rejection is usually something we experience FROM another, and this panel (with Dr. Federico Fioretto, Shane Sturgeon, Dr. Ryan Marchman hosted by Jessica Dewell) discusses shifting the lens to looks outside of ourselves because rejection shows up everywhere. Our reactions to rejection are influenced by our past experience. Rejection shows up everywhere, and our mindset matters. There is polarization that comes with rejection and looking at our response to rejection may help us grow and develop skills. Jessica Dewell hosts a panel discussion on How to Handle Rejection with Dr. Federico Fioretto, Shane Sturgeon, Dr. Ryan Marchman. Starting the...

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Program 49 – Lead Like Dorothy Boyd

To lead is to know who we are, what we are, what we stand for, and how we get our stuff done using our personality and priorities. We look to others – leaders – to have the answers. Yet, there is so little that is controllable there is a gap between the expectation of having answers and taking action to be the answer. Dorothy Boyd is a role model for us all as she wouldn’t stand for anything that was out of alignment with who she was – and she expected it from others. From safety and courage to...

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Prosperity & World View

It’s All About Context In her book “The Architecture of All Abundance,”* Lenedra J. Carroll states most of us change worldviews maybe only once or twice in our lifetime. For many, it’s when they first leave home and experience a world outside the confines of their family. She calls this a “change in context.” Context is the sense of who you are, what you’re willing to see and how you interpret it. It sets your priorities for action and the way you want to live your life. You may not control the events in your life, but you are certainly in charge of how you respond to them. This is your own personal context. Someone compliments you. Does it feed your ego or do you dismiss it out of hand? Or do you accept it humbly and self confidently. Or what about setbacks? You could experience them as opportunities for learning and one step closer to success.These choices are entirely up to you. And when your context changes, it changes everything. Instead of leaving context and therefore your fate to chance, why not seek continuous improvement? Each moment of your life resets the clock. So tweak your context every day by understanding the underlying principles for a successful life and adopting them as your own. And you do this through observation and study, and for example by surrounding yourself...

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Program 48 – Me First!

The many facets of ‘me first’ including self doubt, social perspective, accountability, responsibility. Avoid this trap by putting yourself first. Just know what we want, hat the outcomes of our choices are ours, and that sometimes we must say what’s on our mind (respectfully). Society has told us that some things just happen to us. Those that stand out – that are sought after – understand the facets of me first. They recognize they will have self doubt (and handle it). They understand peer pressure and company culture for how things are done. They are accountable for future things...

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Program 47 – Personalized Learning

Sometimes we want to learn and sometimes we don’t – take the initiative and choose the when, where and how to personalize our learning. What is personalized learning, and is it even important today? Yes it is. The big idea is that the concept of learning is shifting and changing (just like the types of jobs we do is changing). Jessica Dewell hosts a panel discussion featuring Joey Giangola and Tom Rhodes to discuss learning, break myths, and recognize we are always learning – even when it’s not in the form school or training. Starting the conversation… What is...

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Program 46 – The Need to Be Right

Knowledge can be binding if we let it, and when we hold on to what’s true we become anxious and fearful (and worse, we believe our own BS). We all find strategies to get what we want from an early age, and our success. Choices change with new discoveries about what we know. We have the ability to choose, in fact – it’s our responsibility, to keep learning and build self awareness to know if we really need to be right. Jessica Dewell and Geoffrey X Lane explore what’s behind the need to be right. Starting the conversation… Would...

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Unexpected and Adaptable

The following is a transcription of Voice of Bold Business Radio Program 33: Unexpected and Adaptable. Program Notes Can be Found Here. Transcript of Program 33: Unexpected and Adaptable Jessica: This is The Voice of Bold Business Radio, and I am your host Jessica Dewell of Red Direction. You’re listening to Program 33, Unexpected and Adaptable. The skill of responsiveness is looking past experiences and data, and deciding how to adjust and refine future results. The skill of adaptiveness is different. It’s what we do when we are faced with a situation that requires and immediate action, and changing course...

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