Month: May 2017

How Responsibility Adds Value

The following is a transcription of Voice of Bold Business Radio Program 39: How Responsibility Adds Value Program Notes Can be Found Here.   Transcript of Program 39: How Responsibility Adds Value Jessica: You are listening to The Voice of Bold Business Radio and I am Jessica Dewell of Red Direction, your host. Today, we are talking about how responsibility adds value. Now, Meridith Elliot Powell and I had a fantastic conversation that you will be listening to in just a few moments. We talked about everything from; what we can control to what we can’t control; the type...

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Program 60 – Compassion and Self Care

Men and women all need self compassion and this Voice of Bold Business program explores what compassion looks like, feels like, and how it is experienced. Our world is fast and it seems like we must move at the pace of the world. When we do, we’re more tired, less engaged and even less present with the people in our lives. Compassion and self care are not old fashioned. Compassion and self care are necessary to grow, to live, to thrive. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Tom Rhodes, Amanda Brazel, and Donna Danielle to answer the question: what would I...

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Program 59 – Flip Side of Procrastination

There are many ways to procrastinate, to avoid procrastination, and even use procrastination to our advantage. Procrastination is such a problem that productivity is a $58 billion dollar industry. What if it weren’t that complicated? What if it is just a trap (lack of motivation, anxiety about a tasks, or fear of success)? You’ll hear Jessica Dewell and Jason Michael discuss procrastination and it’s flip side – what happens when we have passed procrastination and how we show up in our lives and in our work. Starting the conversation… We all face procrastination. How we handle procrastination – filtering,...

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Program 58 – Root Cause of a Business Crisis

Sometimes the crisis is knowing what we have to do regardless if we like it and how do we move forward with what we have…by stopping, dropping, and rolling we can start making decisions. Stop, drop, and roll is for more than putting out a fire. It’s about building awareness to when we react (outwardly or inwardly). Where there are people there are emotions and where there are strong emotions a lack of a process means that a charged misunderstanding can turn into a crisis. Listen in as Jessica Dewell and Stephanie Sims talk about a process to get...

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Thrive on Stress and Deadlines

The following is a transcription of Voice of Bold Business Radio Program 38: Thrive on Stress and Deadlines Program Notes Can be Found Here.   Transcript of Program 38: Thrive on Stress and Deadlines Jessica: This is The Voice of Bold Business Radio and I am Jessica Dewell of Red Direction, your host. This is Program 38, Thriving on Stress and Deadlines. What came out of the conversation that you are about to hear is incredibly interesting because there are people who think that they thrive on stress and deadlines. What you will learn from Susan Finch and Howard...

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Program 57 – Burning the Candle at Both Ends

It’s important to recognize busy, stress, and even panic to be able to do something about it. We all have 24 hours in a day, so it’s how we use it. Sure you’ve heard it before…but not like this. This conversation is about moving away from hyper-efficiency toward mindfulness. Our self awareness combined with our selectively chosen values is where creativity, contribution, and satisfaction in our actions come out. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Dr. Ryan Marchman, Julie Thenell, and Palma Michel to explore what are the cues we are working too much and what do we do about it?...

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Program 56: Connections by Design

Connections are designed with an awareness of yourself and then thoughtfully to connect to other people. There is a freedom that comes with shifting the way we look at what we want. A shift away from what we want to what can we learn. The discipline to be a teacher sometimes and a student other times creates space for learning. It’s through active engagement with the information we seek that we learn – that we add depth to create a connection that can result in a lasting relationship. Jessica Dewell talks with Ken Gordon about connections by design. Starting...

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Program 55 – Who’s on Board for Our Success?

This program looks into the fine line between asking for help and giving away the responsibility of the outcome with asking for help and then doing the work. Businesses suffer when leaders make choices that limit their ability to grow and scale. It’s a fine line between asking for help (to learn) and asking for help to delegate. The willingness to learn, to ask (the right people), and know exactly what is needed are all components of being our own advocate as well as knowing who’s on board for our success. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Dr. Ryan Marchman and...

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Program 54 – The Mediocrity of Pleasing Everyone

Mediocrity is following the insights of everyone else regardless of the reason – the mission – that a company was created to carry out. Openness about what a company does creates a place for conversation for the company and its customers to build on ideas together. Sounds easy, yet it’s not. It’s easy to compare only on a feature set. It’s easy to let external drivers dictate the product development road map. It’s easy to be mediocre. Simon Barry joins Jessica Dewell to talk about the mediocrity of pleasing everyone. Starting the conversation… When we are out of control,...

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