Month: June 2017

Program 69 – Cultivate Freedom

We have the freedom to destroy ourselves as much as we have the freedom to choose the best opportunity; listen in to Jessica Dewell talk with Scott Scowcroft and Jeff Sherman. Its when we don’t like something, it’s easy to blame (which removes our freedom) and be stuck. There are relationships between freedom and power and freedom and choice and that even though we make our choices, we are not alone. Influence is the ripple of our actions and there is a dark and light side of each action we choose. Listen in as Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Scott...

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The Flip Side of Procrastination

The following is a transcription of Voice of Bold Business Radio Program 59: The Flip Side of Procrastination Program Notes Can be Found Here. Transcript of Program 59 – The Flip Side of Procrastination Jessica: This is The Voice of Bold Business Radio, and I am your host Jessica Dewell of Red Direction. You are listening to The Flip Side of Procrastination. Today, I am talking with Jason Michael, who is the head of support at RiteKit and is recognized social media engagement expert as wel as a developer of support teams and support processes for startups. Make sure...

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Program 68 – The Skill of Certainty

Find out how much of what we do is to avoid pain instead of gain pleasure as Jessica Dewell speaks with Carl Ramallo on the Skill of Certainty. Every action we take feeds into our success. The choice to prioritize and decide the best action for the biggest result is a choice we can make (or not). Listen to Jessica Dewell talk with Carl Ramallo talk about mindset, goal setting, and take action to build the skill of certainty. Starting the conversation… What is the importance of action in being certain? Start with a single choice. Make that first...

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Program 67 – Break out of Being Set In Your Ways

Build our ability through action – conscious action – to recognize and make a choice to change, or not. We bring our energy to each situation. It’s up to us to be courageous and choose to notice our habits and if we are happy with them. When we consciously choose what we do we can make change. When we do something for another change doesn’t last. This discussion, stories, and even more questions are posted as Jessica Dewell and Debra Oakland explore a lot of aspects of breaking out of being set in our ways. Starting the Conversation: We...

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Say Goodbye to Excuses

The following is a transcription of Voice of Bold Business Radio Program 41: Say Goodbye to Excuses Program Notes Can be Found Here. Transcript of Program 41:  Say Goodbye to Excuses Jessica: This is The Voice of Bold Business Radio, and I am your host Jessica Dewell of Red Direction. You are listening to ‘Say Goodbye to Excuses’. This show that was recorded is pretty amazing. It’s great. There’s a part where I was challenged and I rose to the challenge, and I stepped up and was really thoughtful about why I think the way that I think, and...

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Program 66 – Competing Metrics and Limited Time

How metrics and data collection is used in business as a competitive advantage. Too many metrics and we miss important details and don’t really use the findings. Too little metrics and we lose out on creating an early warning system to find problems and opportunities. Time matters, and a business that uses time well has a competitive advantage. Jessica Dewell and Simon Barry talk about time, metrics, and business opportunity. Starting the conversation… What makes metrics important? When do we need to know the data? How do we use and communicate the data? Host: Jessica Dewell Cohost: Simon Barry...

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Program 65 – Disruption

We are the biggest factor in how much disruption effects the value we add to our business. Understanding the marketplace and what’s changing takes time, and that time is something that companies tend to downplay putting effort into. Every leader has the same 24 hours in a day, and more and more the ability to stop and think, to observe and analyze, as well as question thinking are the leaders that will take their businesses to the next round. To be part of the 33% of businesses that survive (and thrive) for 10 years or more. Jessica Dewell hosts...

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Program 64 – Delegation Versus Dumping

Delegation is mostly communication, and if we aren’t clear about what we want we have results that reflect the lack of understanding. Successful teams (that use delegation) have three key skills that a leader needs to set the foundation: communication, accountability, and responsibility. Life experiences and business mentorship goes as far as the questions we ask. We can learn a lot from observation. We learn more when we ask for clarification and reflect on experiences to shape what we do next. Mark Carruthers joins Jessica Dewell to discuss effective delegation for results. Starting the Conversation: What is delegation and...

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Program 63 – Broken Rules and the Results

What to do when we stumble into unwritten agreements and breaking rules, then, learning from the outcomes. Sometimes being up front is counter intuitive because we don’t like to show vulnerability or to say ‘no’ to paying customers. Pausing to assess provides a way to get perspective before we open our mouths … so what comes out (and the intent we have) is useful. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Howard Strauber, Jeff Sherman, and Andrew Jenkins to answer and discuss: What’s a rule you broke and what was the outcome and lesson? Starting the conversation… What’s a rule you broke...

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