Month: August 2017

Program 85 – Courage to Break Our Own Rules

As business leaders, we must take the time to question assumptions, look at whatnot longer works, and how our values are expressed as we advance in our careers … and in life to choose when to break our own rules. It’s about the intention we hold as we show up. Its about our self awareness and willingness to listen to our internal sensor as a way to gather data in addition to what we can research and observe. When we hide who we are, we’re never giving our best work. We are not stepping into our integrity. This conversation...

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Program 84 – Power of a PLAN

Project management, unorganized people, and problem solving described with a story plus an opinion plus action to consider improving the efficiency of projects. Just knowing what we have, don’t have allows us to show up in action and deal with unexpected situations. The more we think and define what resources are available to us provides the guidepost for facing and making the best choice possible in the moment. Jess Dewell, your host, shares stories, examples, and how we can think about what we are already doing to define more value to customers and move forward toward our business goals...

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Program 83 – The Truth About Things You Hate to Do

Choose which value is the priority and combine that with a discipline of self inquiry and team inquiry to get things done. The things we don’t want to do can be shifted with a practice of self awareness. The messiness of change – the ability to evaluate and take some action…any action… moves us toward a different outcome. We don’t have to always hate certain things we do. Jess Dewell hosts Blair Glaser as they talk about communication, relationship, innovation, and change. Starting the Conversation Sometimes we must do things we hate to do. What can we do to...

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Program 82 – Pursuit of Clear Priorities

If you’ve ever been stuck in a mode of the grass is always greener you might have a bad habit of pursuing the wrong things – instead of clear priorities. When we know what the goal is, we can adapt based on that goal. However, it tends to be more muddled than that and we take tangents, second guess, and take action to see motion (and we are standing still). Recognizing where we are unclear, where deviate out of habit – some sort of fear – is easy. Jess Dewell hosts Jennifer Goldman and Iva Ignjatovic to discuss the...

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Trust and Influence

The following is a transcription of Voice of Bold Business Radio Program 62: Trust and Influence Program Notes Can be Found Here. Transcript of Program 62 – Trust and Influence Jess: You are listening to The Voice of Bold Business Radio and I am your host Jess Dewell of Red Direction. You are listening to ‘Trust and Influence’. On this program of Voice of Bold Business we really are talking about trust and influence, and what came out of it was something that maybe you know as well as Adam and Tom know, which is, trust underlies everything that...

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Program 81 – Give Control to Get Control

There are patterns, when we choose to see them, that help us communicate and its through communication we build trust by giving control to get control. Written goals and mutually agreed upon expectations are the basis for working on any project. Everyone knows how to show up, what skills they need, and rules of engagement working together.  Business leaders that lead by example extend trust first. Jess Dewell and Iva Ignjatovic discuss what’s behind the concept give control to get control. Starting the Conversation: How can we stand out, without knowing what another expects of you, at the beginning of...

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Program 80 – Recognize Burnout

What if burnout comes down to a set of unmet expectations and as leaders its up to us to watch, look, and listen for unmet expectations? There are many resources that talk about signs of burnout. In an organization, in any business or institution, the culture sets us up for personal failure or success. Personal failure in this case is individual perception. When we decide our expectations are no longer met (no one understands us or our effort goes unrecognized – naming just two) things change. Immediately. We can support our teams by communicating our expectation and how we...

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Program 79 – Maximize Scarce Resources

Scarce resources and collaboration can create better than expected results, when we learn who we are and the role we play to support others and do our own work. To maximize scarce resources and leverage them to the fullest takes courage and integrity. When we know what problem we solve we can rally our team to find the resources to get it done. And, with practice we get to the outcome sooner with the results we want. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Kyle Brown and Howard Strauber. Starting the Conversation: We are all tasked with doing more (results) with less...

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Program 78 – Elephants in the Conference Room

Communication problems present themselves through a variety of symptoms, and when we don’t recognize or do anything about it those symptoms grow into elephants in our conference rooms. The concept of everyone getting along all the time is false. It’s the skill sets of the team that indicate where communication problems will (and already do) exist. One role of leader to recognize and hold the teams objectives and bring disagreements, ideas, and friction together to achieve the common goal. What happens when business leaders don’t do that are elephants in the conference room. Listen in on Jessica Dewell and...

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