Day: December 5, 2017

Program 108 – Win in the Trust and Value Economy

Everything changes, sometimes in a rhythm, and it’s what observe and notice within change that will give us a competitive advantage. We like to give choices, to have multiple solutions for a single tool. It is overwhelming to a customer to know when a multi-purpose tool will really solve their problem. There is value in taking time to build relationships and build trust to generate business. This program has come out of the vault to share immediately useful insights from Meridith Elliott Powell. Starting the Conversation… The HOW we do what we do in sales matters. Reasons our behavior...

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Program 107 – LIVE! The Truth Behind Our Priorities

What we think, how we think, and how our perspective shapes up our approach to life and business. The more we try to hold something, the harder it is to hang on to. This is an illusion – created by our brain to keep us exactly where we are. When we think we are choosing our priorities, are we really? The exploration of our rationalizations and excuses may provide us insights to how aligned our intentions and priorities really are. Jess Dewell talks with Iva Ignjatovic and Scott Scowcroft about the truth behind our priorities. Starting the conversation… What...

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