Meet the people who talk with me one-to-one about business tools, skills, and processes to take action and see results (with which to take more action!).

Meridith Elliott-Powell, Business Motivational Keynote Speaker

Meridith Elliott-Powell, Business Motivational Keynote Speaker

“I look to myself first for why something worked or didn’t workThe moment I take it back to me, I am in control.”

In my highly engaging keynote-speaking sessions, I shows audiences how to attract more business, retain top talent, and leap into position to win in this new economy.

Voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch by Currency Fair, Meridith Elliott Powell is an award-winning author, keynote speaker and business strategist and author of four books. With a background in corporate sales and leadership, her career expands over several industries including banking, healthcare, and finance. High energy and highly interactive, Meridith’s keynotes, workshops and innovative coaching programs help leaders and business owners learn the new rules of success today. She has a cutting-edge message, rooted in real-life examples and real-world knowledge.

Trust is required to work together.

I am a honest, crazy creative who loves people to Show Up.

Ivana Taylor is the publisher of a resource for entrepreneurs who want do LESS marketing and make MORE money. In 2010 she ranked #21 out of 30,000 influential people on the Internet. She is the book editor for Small Business Trends, a contributing author to AMEX Open Forum and has appeared on MSNBC.

Kelly Hungerford, VP Social Brand Strategist

Kelly Hungerford, VP Social Brand Strategist

Everybody likes to have fun.

I am a community builder creating ‘customer-first’ strategies that grow brand awareness, customer loyalty and revenue.

Kelly Hungerford a customer-centric marketing operations specialist and social business ​strategist based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Her experience spans 20+​ years of European ​sales and marketing, product development, and customer care for Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups in both B2B and B2C markets. She works ​hands-on ​with senior management and teams to ​implement no-nonsense digital, content, and social media strategies that achieve business goals and build sustainable online brand ​communities.

Stephanie Sims, Finance-Ability

Stephanie Sims, Finance-Ability

“Maybe stories are just DATA with a SOUL.”

Get you back to exploring your passion and running your business to reach your goals, your way.

Stephanie’s experience with large transactions and her knowledge of how due diligence works made it easy to spot one of the key reasons that entrepreneurs face such difficulty getting financing: they don’t understand the fundamentals of evaluating risks versus rewards.

Developing this knowledge base led Stephanie to see that everyone has the ability to manage their finances successfully, but they don’t always realize it. And that’s where the notion of Finance-Ability was born…

Simon Barry

Simon Barry

“Treat people with respect.”

Out of work I have a passion for technology and psychology, this keeps me at the cutting edge and allows me to bring fresh new perspectives and ideas to invigorate a company and its growth.

I am a serial tech entrepreneur with a passion for start ups. I divide my time by advising and mentoring start ups andworking on the Board of several start ups and SME’s.

I have a deep understanding of bleeding edge technology, particularly cloud-based web sites, enterprise software, Saas, and systems that rely on ‘big data’. I have led large Global teams on complex change initiates, assisting with defining product vision and scaling growth of companies to meet market demand.

Marilyn Shannon, Founder Dialogue Inc

Marilyn Shannon, Founder Dialogue Inc

“If you don’t get it all from listening, it’s not the time to hear it. show up.”

I do many things but the most important one is listening. As a business life coach, author, speaker, on line TV host and founder of a network organization I deeply listen to help each client experience the most fulfilling human experience.

I am the founder of Women United In Business Mastermind Facebook group for facilitation of networking and experience sharing in a diverse and supportive environment.

Geoffrey X Lane, Learning Officer

Geoffrey X Lane, Learning Officer

“ALWAYS show up.”

Your personal success depends on your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with clarity and passion.

Geoffrey X Lane is a “tell it like it is” consultant/coach with a strong sense of humor about himself, life, and work. He knows that his point of view might not be the ultimate “truth,” or even close to it, yet people pay him for it! He is still learning to “show up”. And, Geoffrey hates Bull Shit…

Mark Carruthers

Mark Carruthers

Business Consulting Plus

“Take time to recognize the talents of the people on the team.”

Mark Carruthers is a change-facilitator and has worked in 9 industries industries including agriculture, construction, wholesale distribution, and hi-tech as an entrepreneur and an employee.

I’ve been a general labourer, a Regional Manager & I’ve been around the block…several times & numerous blocks…and I hope to experience many more new blocks.

I have been a change-facilitator or problem-solver most of my career. I welcome change and I don’t see problems; I see them as a challenge to overcome.

I was educated in math, computer science, business, management, accounting & taxation with the goal of becoming a public accountant,

My experience is broad and deep. Since growing up on a farm and learning to deal with uncontrollable factors, I’ve worked in several industries including agriculture, construction, property management, wholesale distribution, retail, professional services, hi-tech, and legal, both as an entrepreneur and an employee.

I’ve been a general labourer, a Regional Manager & a Business Manager, a Controller, a Chief Accountant, a coach & mentor, a college instructor, a consultant, and have performed payroll & HR functions.

My interests are broad, my business sense strong, my work ethic solid, and my value of respect, honesty and trust is unwavering.

…at this time, this is who I am.

Les Dossey

Les Dossey

Entrepreneur. Mentor. Coach.

“It’s not about activity, folks, it’s about proactively finding people who need and can buy the product or service you provide.”

I help frustrated, but motivated professionals create what they truly want in their business, life, and relationships.

Les Dossey is the CEO of Les Dossey Group, LLC., creator of Learn Do Grow 10X® and head coach of the Clean Thinking Lab.™ A pioneering and conceptual thinker, Les’ focus is on developing 10X growth concepts, social engagement, public speaking, strategic planning, and coaching individual entrepreneurs and groups.

Tanya Bourque

Tanya Bourque


Let’s Get Positive Thinking In Everyday Life:

  1. Positive thinking promotes spiritual growth.
  2. Positive people attract opportunities.
  3. Positive attitude will improve your relationships with others.

I provide clients with world-class service and to exceed their expectations.

Tanya Bourque is the Founder of OpExpert based out of Wyomissing, PA. She is a sourcing and technology enthusiast. Her work is featured on,,, and SourceCon. She is obsessed with finding the best tools for recruiters and establishing the best practices in the market.