Starting the conversation…

How do we maximize our impact and stick to our business’ growth strategy?

Host: Jessica Dewell

What You Will Hear:

What is dimensionality and use it within ourself so we can use it effectively in groups.

What we really know (and don’t know) at any time about our business.

Live Audience Question: If everyone in a company is in charge of a business growth strategy are there different levels of how should we as leaders include people in that strategy?

Three questions to ground and guide discussion and decisions.

Live Audience Question: I have a feeling that the way we talk today about business growth is linked to the company culture, what should we work on first – for optimal results – company culture or business growth?

Work from shared meaning and a Jess-Story-Fail: self help book managing.

Have you shared your growth strategy with everyone in the company (and is it written down)?

Live Audience Question: If I’m a solo-preneur, when you say “everyone is in charge of my growth strategy,” does that mean “just me”?

Do you know where you, and the team, are at in achieving the growth strategy right now?

When we lose our largest client.

What are your competitors doing?

Live Audience Question: What are best practices in sharing growth strategies and results with everyone when they’re also sensitive or confidential.

It’s BOLD to learn how to share the responsibility of growing your business.

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Who’s in charge of your growth strategy?

Everyone in your company is responsible for the growth strategy. It’s up to you to ask questions to ensure you know what your responsibility is to achieve growth. Space, quiet, even a short a change of pace is necessary to foster the ability to think about how to achieve growth goals. Jess Dewell explores the question: Who’s in charge of your growth strategy?