Starting the conversation…

How important is it to ask for what you want, and what we have to do to speak up when it really matters?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Nathalie Gregg

What You Will Hear:

Be fearless in what you want.

Own our fearlessness (even when we aren’t in the mood).

Our tribe matters.

Take action – follow your steps to ask for what you want – especially on days where we aren’t getting it.

Reasons we tend to hold back and not ask for what we want.

It’s how we recover from failure that tells us the most.

How to we build a fierce asking muscle. How to practice letting stuff go.

Collaboration and synergy can be facilitated with the integration of several soft skills.

A story of asking for what we want.

Audience Question: When we talk about triggers, that sounds like manipulation to me, maybe I’m wrong, I’d like to hear more

Audience Question: How do I find my trigger?

It’s ok to feel selfish sometimes, don’t let it be a limiting belief.

Synthesize all points of learning.

New ways to learn.

How to get to where we want to go.

Audience Question: What happens if we can’t find a mentor, where should I look for?

What makes it BOLD to ask for what you want?

Notable and Quotable:



confidence, mindset, behavior, discipline, simplicity, priorities, intention



It’s important to ask for what you want; equally essential is what we have to do to speak up when something really matters. 

How do we know when to speak up and not back down to get what we want? Socially acceptable behavior, tactfulness, and even proactivity are just some of the pieces we need to get what we want every time. To “cut to the chase and just ask already,” Jess Dewell talks with Nathalie Gregg, change agent, organizational developer, adjunct professor, public speaker, published writer, and television personality.