Jessica Dewell, host of The Voice of Bold Business

“Being a leader today is more challenging than ever before. Your toughest business questions are answered right here.” – Jess Dewell

The Voice of Bold Business was created to provide real information that you can use right away.

Because I kept hearing things like:

  • I had no idea the competition was doing that.
  • The economy changed, and I wasn’t prepared – I can’t cover my costs.
  • Sales (new and existing clients) are decreasing … this seems so “all of a sudden.”
  • I keep trying new things, but none work.
  • What I always did doesn’t work anymore.
  • I can’t delegate [fill in the blank] – no one does it as well as I do.

…I realized that there is more to the story than the current existing themes around developing leadership and what it takes to be a leader.

I became so sidetracked working on my leadership, that my team suffered … that sales stagnated, and we all became anxious about all the things that weren’t happening.

The Voice of Bold Business Radio Show will bring you:

  • Experiences and real-life situations successful business leaders share.
  • Different opinions around a single topic from a reliable resource.
  • Practical starting points and “how-to” tips that you can use immediately.
  • A place to learn from other leaders – we are not alone at the top.
  • Answers to business questions you are afraid to ask in your circles.

All of this will help you define what “better,” “successful,” and “effective” mean to your role. Once clarified, all that ripples out and impacts your business. The Voice of Bold Business Radio is a way to get out of your comfort zone and give you what you need.  Avoid burnout, step into your role and your life, and make effective decisions.

Use your voice. Be bold. Change your results.

Now you know it’s possible. It’s time to tune in.

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