Adapt to Evolving Customer Expectations

Is your business prepared to adapt to ever-changing customers’ expectations? Stay current, check out our selection of the Voice of Bold Business Radio episodes with experts and professionals who share first-hand experiences and insight on how to prepare and adapt to changing customers demands. Learn how to change with change.

Program 229 – LIVE – Connection to Your Customers

Being truly customer-centric includes knowing the reason that people buy your product. And that reason is found through experimentation. The way you test matters directly correlates to your ability to anticipate changing customer needs over time. Jess Dewell talks with Chris Dayley, Neuromarketer, A/B Tester, CRO Speaker & Evangelist, about how to understand the connection you have to your customers.

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Program 216 – LIVE – The Future Now

What a futurist is and why the future matters to our business. The new skills we must learn to contribute to business growth in a distracted society. It takes time to create instant gratification…and that will continue.

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