Maxwell Ivey talks with Jess Dewell about when our choices create dissonance instead of coherence, and his journey to decide to figure things out … because there are no excuses!

We all have a level of responsibility. How we choose to embrace, wear, and include responsibility in our lives directly correlates to the perspectives others have of us. It’s true … what other people think doesn’t matter. Because doing so is simply impossible to when we want to: create a better world; achieve our short- and long-term goals; all alone, make the life we want fulfilling. Even more relevant is that the ability to interact with others becomes a key component in determining how easy or difficult our path will be. Today Jess Dewell talks with Maxwell Ivey about traveling the difficult path – when our choices create dissonance instead of coherence. We decide we will figure it out, as there is no excuse.

Program 104 - No ExcusesStarting The Conversation:

  • What is an excuse?
  • What are the key components of how you problem solve the excuses that crop up in your life?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Maxwell Ivey

What You Will Hear:

We connect through our content, yet two-way dialog is still best.

There are always solutions, and still excuses surround us.

Connect with personal touch by doing research about the person.

We all have excuses. (What we can notice to recognize when an excuse is present.)

Shift into action.

Limited by our knowledge and relationships is where excuses show up.

We build ideas together – and we are digging into exactly what an excuse is.

Failure and fail forward.

Where we MUST control are a great place to start to find our excuses.

Love is part of relationships (and comes with it’s own excuses, in the form of expectations).

A practice to build the feelings we need to speak up.

Expect more out of ourselves and others.

Shift the situation and look at it from a difference lens.

Build a personal network.

Notable and Quotable:

Maxwell Ivey: While people never come out and say it, following my progress is a motivation for others.

Jess Dewell: Do we want opportunity? As long as we keep our mouth closed, we are saying we don’t want it.

Maxwell Ivey: I always come away from inspiration when I re-listen to shows I’ve participated in.

Jess Dewell: Because I’m doing something I create momentum, and I can move forward to do the hard thing I must do.

Maxwell Ivey: When we shift gears it may be in the form of #ModernMeditation.

Maxwell Ivey: There are a lot of people that are stuck because they can’t see the problem or situation other than the answers they’ve already come up with themselves.

Maxwell Ivey: It comes down to who’s is it…is it mine or is it yours?

Jess Dewell: When we look deeper than the surface problem (I don’t have the money, haven’t been able to get into the black) and I find that there is a lack of personal relationship support.

Maxwell Ivey: We are working through what is an excuse together.

Jess Dewell: We start at a new level each time we attempt.

Maxwell Ivey: My dad used to say, if you don’t ask someone can’t say yes.

Jess Dewell: When we have a space where we connect, there is an exchange of love.

Maxwell Ivey: It’s about our expectations, and we live in a  time where we’re told to lower our expectations.

Maxwell Ivey: If I can’t meet people face to face, what can I do instead?

Maxwell Ivey: I realized I’m doing all this research…for me.

Jess Dewell: It’s up to us.

Maxwell Ivey: Most excuses come back to us in weakness or crisis.


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