Everything changes, sometimes in a rhythm, and it’s what observe and notice within change that will give us a competitive advantage.

We like to give choices, to have multiple solutions for a single tool. It is overwhelming to a customer to know when a multi-purpose tool will really solve their problem. There is value in taking time to build relationships and build trust to generate business. This program has come out of the vault to share immediately useful insights from Meridith Elliott Powell.

Program 108 - Win in the Trust and Value EconomyStarting the Conversation…

  • The HOW we do what we do in sales matters.
  • Reasons our behavior matters to build success.

Host: Jess Dewell
Out of the vault!
My first conversation with Meridith Elliott Powell at the You’ve Got This Online Summit in 2014

What You Will Hear:

It’s your choice to take action, to know the current economy based on value.

The economy is changing (and it’s not the economy’s fault).

Three strategies that will help us win by knowing how to do it.

People are more overwhelmed than ever before.

Connect and plug into each relationship.

Learn about customers and their non-related challenges to what you offer.

Prioritization around customer experience was the trend.

Bridge the gap between metrics and experience.

Trust your instincts.

Spend time creating questions to ask clients.

It is BOLD to know what’s going on and continue to learn.

Notable and Quotable:

Meridith Elliot Powell: How we [do our job] becomes our competitive advantage.

Meridith Elliott Powell: Plug into to the power of relationship. Listen and respond.

Meridith Elliott Powell: You know if you can truly help someone.


Tags: reputation, sales, mindset, learning, action, value, listen, prioritize, trust