Jennifer Brown visits The Voice of BOLD Business Radio to talk about how to be the best women leaders we can be AND build the path for the business women that come after us … all at the same same time.

Diversity is a hot topic, and rightly so. It is one oft-overlooked way through which we can challenge our assumptions, make conscious changes, and increase our awareness. When expanding awareness, we increase our capacity to think about things outside of our personal experience. It’s this perspective that provides what we need to foster the next generation of women business leaders. Jess Dewell talks with Jennifer Brown, our champion for a more inclusive workplace.

Program 110 - The Next Generation of Women LeadersStarting The Conversation:

  • Let’s talk about our differences. How do you suggest we monitor and address group think?
  • What makes diverse teams more innovative?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Jennifer Brown

What You Will Hear:

A look at unconscious bias, what we see through our lens.

Where we start to build awareness of our unconscious bias is.

Challenge our own viewpoints and make sure there is creative abrasion.

Business will continue to be chaotic.

Representation of diverse talent, and the decreasing numbers at higher levels of leadership.

Unwritten agreements + Women in the Workplace Report by McKinsey.

Exclusive, power, and the impact of choice.

Inclusivity is BOLD – in big and little behavior change.

Be aware of how we undermine ourselves with language.

Show the way to help others help us, and advocate for ourselves.

The intersectionality of LGBTQ, gender, ethnicity, and more.

Fear of large reactions and the intolerance of the gray areas of business.

The place, and use, of anger.

Support, safety, and willingness to be asked and willing to answer.

Active advocacy and bringing people into learning experiences.

Being an ally – when groups of people – are not in the room.

Set goals around inclusivity.

Take action and have a hard conversation and challenge a belief.

Notable and Quotable:

Jennifer Brown: Audit the little decisions and big decisions that come from comfort and familiarity.

Jennifer Brown: Having diverse identities leads to more innovate output.

Jennifer Brown: Bake in the ability to look at problems from different lenses to identify and foresee problems.

Jennifer Brown: The problem is that we are in a feedback vacuum and people don’t want to talk to us about the political navigation within business.

Jennifer Brown: Isolation is deadly because the workplace is all about relationships.

Jennifer Brown: When you have power you have the responsibility to use it inclusively.

Jennifer Brown: When I think about how am I using my social capital for others, I inventory myself.

Jess Dewell: We must think more.

Jennifer Brown: We have control and power over how we are supported.

Jennifer Brown: The support of [current] leaders is needed more than ever, and it needs to accelerate.

Jess Dewell: We have all figured out where we work well, and to protect it we become rigid.

Jennifer Brown: Some of us are feeling anger for the first time.

Jess Dewell: We can pass along [perspectives] about how things are done.

Jennifer Brown: When you are an ally, you study a community, and represent a viewpoint in a room where those people are not present.

Jennifer Brown: Pause and notice where we can do better.

Jess Dewell: Our comfortable chairs are everywhere – even outside of our workplace.

Jess Dewell: Notice is an important word – it’s necessary for problem solving, decision making, confidence, to be present.

Jennifer Brown: The callout for us is where is my edge – what are my learning goals?


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