One reason topics become taboo is because there is a fear of talking about them, and it’s up to us to remove that fear and provide information to those who need it.

There are times we don’t know we are providing support by, simply, being who we are. Even with so much knowledge at our fingertips … with a quick internet search, there is so much good and bad information to sort through that the details we share with our friends, family, and colleagues carries weight. We can be a support system by knowing about the different services that exist to help us with our personal paths. Jess Dewell talks with Suzanne Hobbs about Safe Haven laws, the importance of having information, and her story.

Program 113 - Intertwined JourneysStarting The Conversation:

  • Let’s talk about services that women need to allow them to live their lives (and let newborns grow up to live theirs).
  • How does the Safe Haven Alliance help newborns, women, and our communities?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Suzanne Hobbs

What You Will Hear:

Start with the reality – we all assign shame and blame.

Talk about what we’ve learned with others. Talk about the hard topics with our friends.

Know the support systems to help us, our family, our community.

Stories that will touch your heart.

The more we know and the more we share…the more we can get the word out.

The surprising fact: it’s not teenage moms that utilize this program the most.

We have more options that we think we do – all 50 states a Safe Haven law.

Steps to find the courage to speak up.

About the National Safe Haven Alliance. (Each state has it’s own law – check the NSHA website for specifics.)

What it actually means to have no judgement and no shame.

Recognizing shame and how to stand up for ourselves.

Personal networks – and choosing (carefully) who’s part of it.

There are many pieces that plug in together to create social support services.

Notable and Quotable:

Suzanne Hobbs: At the National Safe Haven Alliance we say: No shame, no blame, no name.

Suzanne Hobbs: Bring up a story that touched you, and then talk about a programs and laws that help.

Suzanne Hobbs: My daughter is a Safe Haven baby.

Suzanne Hobbs: Everyone in their lives has more than just one moment when it is time to act; to say something or do something. Get uncomfortable [and do it].

Jess Dewell: Let’s start asking the questions: What does it actually mean to have no judgement? No shame?

Suzanne Hobbs: Just love people, people are different and have different abilities.

Suzanne Hobbs: It is ok to say no to people and that you don’t want them in your life.


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