Waste does not have to be a cost of doing business; instead, waste can revitalize and change a business model for more sustainable practices and revenue generation.

Manufacturing is here to stay – despite recent changes, people simply like their stuff. Businesses face pressures of technology change, regulation, and the way we look at the “waste” manufacturing creates. Jess Dewell talks with Dr. Federico Fioretto and Alexander Prinsen to talk about how to Fix a Leaky Business Model.

Starting the Conversation…

There is a new way to transform manufacturing companies to create new streams of revenue and reduce waste.

What is Visionary Pragmatism?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guests: Dr. Federico Fioretto, Alexander Prinsen

What You Will Hear:

Visionary Pragmatism combines two concepts to create necessary change.

The crux of today’s leaky business models: lack of vision (long term).

Hold the short term and still plan for the long term.

Currency, looking for cost savings, how we determine value.

The move to sustainable practices and products.

Manage the waste our company produces with awareness to the planet’s resources.

The opportunity of the unknown – cash flow for non-core business process (waste).

Put together science with business leaders to change thinking.

Industry is in flux – the ‘core business’ is changing.

Easy versus duty, the path of least resistance.

Upgrade everything instead of downgrade them – examples of possibility.

Bridge science and technology to create a path allowing companies to find new opportunity.

The timeline of innovation to be developed and disruptive.

The reason it takes so long for technology disruption (even though technology improves fast).

It’s BOLD to look at leaks in business models for new revenue streams.

Notable & Quotable:

Alexander Prinsen: Fear is a lack of hope, to overcome fear you must have a vision.

Dr. Federico Fioretto: Change our use of intelligence, the power of people involved.

Jess Dewell: Without vision and awareness of longer term, companies hit a wall because of how fast change happens.

Alexander Prinsen: It’s hard to innovate with a top-down management flow.

Dr. Federico Fioretto: Today we are paying the cost of destroying local industry [because companies desire more short term financial gain].

Alexander Prinsen: A business always operates in a value chain.

Alexander Prinsen: We can turn cost into revenue.

Dr. Federico Fioretto: Waste is money your company is throwing away.

Dr. Federico Fioretto: It’s our duty to change our thinking to think about [waste as an asset].

Jess Dewell: We find ourselves surrounded by unknowns – opportunity.

Alexander Prinsen: There are many discrepancies in our systems.

Alexander Prinsen: When every output has a new input waste does not exist, it moves around the system.

Dr. Federico Fioretto: When we think about sustainability, the next level is to reach value from our waste [to become part of a bigger system].


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