There are many mindsets and methods to achieve the mental stance we want. This program will discuss them and how to choose (and use) the mindset we want.

Having a meaningful purpose is just one way to figure out what mindset we want. At the same time, we hear information about what it means to have a growth (or fixed) outlook, and how either stance changes us. Jim Barnish Jr. and Benjamin Brown will share how to use all that information to cultivate the mindset we want with host Jess Dewell.

Starting the Conversation…

  • How do we cultivate a mindset we want?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panel: Jim Barnish Jr., Benjamin Brown

What You Will Hear:

What we must know about ourselves to digest and practice a mindset.

3 components that are part of every mindset.

The pause to keep going and shift into action.

Creating a mindset takes confidence and courage.

Self love on the path to mastery.

Accountability to self by having a mentor.

When we document what we do in a form that we can learn from, we can improve.

It is BOLD to cultivate the right mindset right now.

Notable & Quotable:

Benjamin Brown: To develop mindset, find examples you can digest.

Benjamin Brown: There is no such thing as perfect, we always continue to work on ourselves.

Jim Barnish Jr.: There are 3 core elements [of every mindset]: strategy, process, and measurable outcomes.

Jim Barnish Jr.: Focus on outcome versus output.

Jess Dewell: Whatever we put our attention on, make sure to get it out of theory and into action.

Jim Barnish Jr.: [Mindset] takes practice.

Benjamin Brown: If I knew how much I’d fail, I don’t know if I’d have chosen to be an entrepreneur. My confidence is stronger because of it.

Benjamin Brown: Clients pay me because I want them to pay attention.

Jess Dewell: I feed my curiosity [mindset] with walks and podcasts.

Jim Barnish Jr.: Checkin with yourself: What can I do [right now] to achieve my goal?

Benjamin Brown: Move, and get out of your own way.

Jim Barnish Jr.: Have data to back up your decision.

Jess Dewell: We collect data, we have something to accomplish, and we know the behavior necessary to get there.

Benjamin Brown: Change your mindset based on where you want to be.

Jim Barnish Jr.: We are going through a time of rapid innovation, and in order to keep up we must change the way we act.


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