When communicating, there are key elements to consider that will ensure we are heard and understood.

Language is a constant in life. Being able to communicate to create connections, explain a new idea, and even build credibility … each situation requires unique preparations. Ita Olsen joins Jess Dewell on the The Voice of BOLD Business Radio to discuss effective ways of communicating to promote buy-in.

Starting the Conversation…

  • What are the common elements left out of communication (to make it engaging).
  • What we need to go deeper than just getting our point across…to get buy-in and credibility.

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Ita Olsen

What You Will Hear:

Confidence is necessary to communicate well.

THE things that take away our personal power in communication.

Open the door to make a connection in conversation.

How to relax when our physiological response is to tense up.

Even with planning, until it comes out of our mouths, we don’t know if we will make the connection.

Process to create a way we can handle stress and fear around speaking.

Prepare message ahead of time.

Change ourselves and our reactions to impact our presence and authority when we speak (in any situation).

Call to action – the buy in – must be known ahead of time.

Know the starting line and the finish line for the message, presentation, presence we strive for.

Summon our courage.

Why it’s BOLD to communicate for buy-in.

Notable & Quotable:

Ita Olsen: Power and authority and conciseness are necessary for effective communication.

Ita Olsen: Fight or flight stops us from performing to the best of our ability.

Ita Olsen: Release tension and tap into our inner strength.

Jess Dewell: As a listener, we have a responsibly to make sure we understand what’s being said.

Jess Dewell: Even when the intention is there, is it perceived the way we want by the people listening?

Ita Olsen: When we convey our message, it’s important to get it across effectively.

Ita Olsen: Remember, you love your audience.

Ita Olsen: The way you use your voice has an impact on people.


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