People-to-people connections create long-term benefits, and with subtle differences brands can also cultivate community!

Relationship-based strategies do not have to elude businesses! The ongoing digital transformation businesses face represents a new iteration of customer rapport and relationship management. Kelly Hungerford’s expertise focuses on vital business-oriented strategies, and she joins Jess Dewell to talk about how brands can cultivate community.

Starting the Conversation…

  • What is the biggest benefit (that is most overlooked) that community offers?
  • How do we create loyalty?
  • What do the Facebook changes removing publishers from news feeds actually mean for companies?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Kelly Hungerford

What You Will Hear:

The first step to consider when building (and growing) our online community.

What community IS NOT.

What is important to the person you are reaching out to.

It matters you know what’s going on in the marketplace, regardless of role.

Self organizing cross functional teams.

The fear about transparency and lower efficiency.

THE process to take on a side project, work it, and offer to share results. (min 35)

Time, value, benefit, and connection.

Give, give, give. (What about the get?)

The changes Facebook has and its impact on companies.

It’s BOLD to build community.

Notable & Quotable:

Kelly Hungerford: Engage with purpose.

Kelly Hungerford: Always be asking: why and what’s the purpose of what we are doing.

Jess Dewell: I listen before I join a conversation.

Jess Dewell: Know what customers are saying, and it doesn’t matter what department you are in.

Kelly Hungerford: At the end of the day, the processes in an organization are all linked.

Kelly Hungerford: Internally you collaborate and have a better chance to really answer questions [externally].

Kelly Hungerford: Find something small and think in terms of weeks, not months, for a side project.

Kelly Hungerford: Look for the win-win.

Jess Dewell: When we start having bad feelings about our giving, we may miss the give-back.

Kelly Hungerford: When suggesting community to stakeholders, know it will take at least six months to see a return, and what expectations to work from.

Kelly Hungerford: People want relationships.


Examples of great communities:

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