Being busy is only sometimes procrastination. But how does one tell the difference? That’s what we’ll discuss today!

The intention brought to thinking about what we want to accomplish impacts the end result. Listen in as Jess Dewell and co-host Teodora Petkova discuss: “How do you know when you’ve crossed the line from necessary work to busy work?”

Starting the Conversation…

  • How do you know when you’ve crossed the line from necessary work to busy work?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Co-host: Teodora Petkova

What You Will Hear:

The line, which is personal, when busy takes over.

Our reactions and intentions around busy.

Time is elastic, the relationship to time as one and as a community.

Use senses outside of fight and flight.

Bridge between love, fair, deadlines, and contracts.

We each have our own road.

Contradiction of time related to output and time related to soft skills that get things done.

Create space in calendar to allow things to emerge.

How we accept and act on agreements?

Quit overthinking.

Call out love and connect to ourselves more often.

Shake up thoughts.

Because ….. are the reasons we tell ourselves (and those need checked!).

When things must come out of our schedules and calendars.

A possible switch from schedule to rhythm.

Shift perspective, and stay in the moment.

Notable & Quotable:

Teodora Petkova: To proceed with awareness I allow myself to get rid of everything.

Jess Dewell: What is the intention behind saying yes?

Teodora Petkova: I let creative chaos in my life, into my mind and heart.

Teodora Petkova: I’m a dreamer, and if you have the intent to meet someone – no matter the structures around that – it will happen.

Teodora Petkova: What if we are powerful enough to let go of calendars and just flow?

Jess Dewell: Business has started to shift and look at the individual’s strengths (instead of output) as a way to measure results.

Teodora Petkova: Notice when I’m projecting ‘stuff’ and telling myself stories, and overthinking.

Teodora Petkova: Manage your mojo.

Jess Dewell: Where thinking stops and overthinking starts is where we go from making milestones and standing still with nothing happening.

Teodora Petkova: I thought I could push the limits without any break, but I can’t, it’s not within the rhythm of life.

Teodora Petkova: It’s beautiful how it’s a paradox: our thoughts that distract us and life waiting for us with all its beauty.


  • “Fear is excitement without breath” A quote associated with Robert Heller and Fritz Perls.

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