It’s a myth that business technology is a necessary evil … and that’s a problem, especially since so many facets of our business effectiveness rely on technology.

Today, technology is a core part of business – just like marketing and accounting. When we only think of technology as a tool to support functional areas in our businesses, we are at a deficit. When employed as a key part of overall business strategy, technology allows us to explore and make choices that: positively impacts our market position; allows us to better serve customers; and enables us to adapt quickly to change. Jess Dewell hosts Michael Daniels and Greg Michaels in a discussion about strategy and technology.

Starting the Conversation…

What is THE top technology issue you see business leaders overlook that make their business strategy less effective?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panel: Greg Michaels, Michael Daniels

What You Will Hear:

How lack of a technology strategy shows up.

The power of video collaboration.

How to use technology we have.

Training, teaching, and openness to think about it.

Articulate the reason technology (and any business process) exists, so we are willing to do what it takes.

Lack of understanding…and the fear behind it.

Choices in our business that effect our intellectual property.

How to shape and guide approved technologies.

Different ways we create relationships with technology.

Evaluation, filtering, and choosing the best technologies for high functioning teams.

It is BOLD to build technology  in business strategy.

Notable & Quotable:

Greg Michaels: A good reliable backup system protects your intellectual property.

Greg Michaels: Business owners know they must have computers, but don’t have a plan for 5 years down the road (or the unexpected).

Michael Daniels: Using technology can cause a situation where connection between people is lost.

Michael Daniels: People take technology for granted, and generally thing, ‘it won’t happen to me.’

Greg Michaels: If you aren’t out there seeking technology that can help you, you never really know if there is anything that can help you.

Michael Daniels: The key is HOW you go about learning, which includes experimenting.

Michael Daniels: As a teacher you have to be open to being taught.

Greg Michaels: The person at the top must buy into the technology to ensure commitment throughout the entire organization.

Jess Dewell: There is buy in, and then there is BUY-IN!

Jess Dewell: The people that are in our organizations excited about learning can become our avenue to using technology effectively.

Michael Daniels: Don’t say ‘that’s easy’ because it is for you and it might not be easy to others.

Greg Michaels: What is written down, our policy, protects business assets.

Jess Dewell: What’s installed on the network, that is outside of what’s been approved, one way to assess technology for process and profitability.

Greg Michaels: It’s exciting to see how we are integrating technology into every day life.

Michael Daniels: Doing work together is huge, the collaboration builds relationships.


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