Commitment is reduced when there are concurrent goals, so do one thing at a time.

Sometimes change is an experiment, its purpose to act and discover what works and what’s new. Sometimes change is deliberate, to shift a paradigm or even change the culture of an organization. This latter function is the topic Jess Dewell talks about with Amy Myers, because of the importance in recognizing that change happens one behavior at a time.

Starting the Conversation…

  • What it takes to shift a function in such a way that people show up differently.
  • It’s hard work to clarify what’s expected.
  • When the process of change breaks down, where do we start?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Amy Myers

What You Will Hear:

Creating buy-in at every level.

The inherent conflict in change and looking at behavior instead of results.

Celebrate every win!

Constructive conversation is more than just bad feedback.

We fill our brains too much.

Find the story behind stagnation and slowing down.

Make change (and work) fun.

Abstract can be a good thing when it comes to change.

The role of passion in our work.

What it takes to get people to show up differently.

Fully define what change we’re being asked to do.

Cycles of change and growth and growth and change.

Even our jobs have constant change.

Notable & Quotable:

Jess Dewell: People must see themselves as part of the change.

Amy Myers: Go to the next level and engage people. Our people will see their contributions and together we co-create the change.

Amy Myers: Chunk the change, and get tangible with what we want people to do.

Jess Dewell: Good and bad are included in constructive – both have a purpose. Find the range to work in.

Amy Myers: Less is more, boil things down to a few simple messages.

Jess Dewell: People that think differently can come together to determine is [this thing] the right thing at the right time.

Amy Myers: Evaluate the team, make sure they aren’t losing steam.

Amy Myers: Have a blast and time flies by.

Jess Dewell: Work is something we do, and we want to do something that contributes to something bigger than themselves.

Jess Dewell: What good can I do today?

Amy Myers: If we really get in touch with what we are great at can meet a need.

Amy Myers: Consider each person on the team as human beings and the context of what they bring to work.

Jess Dewell: Apply our [soft skills] in new ways to business problems.

Amy Myers: Give the structure enough time.

Amy Myers: Shift the focus to what needs to change behaviorally.


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