There are many faces to Jess, and Scott has put together a collection of different interactive content showcasing how far we’ve come and how much Jess brings to the table.

Jess Dewell and Scott Scowcroft reflect back on impactful projects and programs with guests Alan Cohen and Stephanie Sims, summits and roundtables…and, yes, the inclusion of the oopses, flubs, and bloopers in our audio and video reels. Stop by, have a laugh, and enjoy.

Starting the Conversation…

  • Jess and Scott have worked together for several years.
  • Laugh at some bloopers and hear behind the scenes how Jess talks to think…
  • What’s going on in Jess’ world today besides #VBBRadio.

Host: Jessica Dewell
Cohost: Scott Scowcroft

What You Will Hear:

#ShoutAbout Strut Your Stuff.

+2 Takeaway, from The ONE Thing.

The best laid plans.

Bloopers from #VBBRadio.

You’ve Got This Online Summit and all the moving pieces.

Clip with Alan Cohen as a guest on Jess+Scott+YOU!

Women’s Leadership Roundtable

Notable & Quotable:

Scott Scowcroft: Jess, you’re starting from good to better and aspiring to be best.

Jess Dewell: All the preparation has been done, I’m here with what I’ve come with, and it’s time to begin.

Scott Scowcroft: Alan gives us permission to do the right thing for the right purpose.

Jess Dewell: We need people [in our just right tribe] that think differently than us.

Scott Scowcroft: We are liberated not to have to compare ourselves to others.

Jess Dewell: My past self and future self are very different than who I am right now, so what we do to show up will change over time.

Jess Dewell: What are we going to do with the information you now have?


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