Our energy effects change. When we focus it in on our self, our business, and our teams, we require skills build awareness both inside and outside of ourselves. The more impact we want to have the more important responsibility is. Responsibility for our own actions, for developing our teams, and for how we view the processes we have in place. Its necessary, today, to get our own work competed and have a pulse on what the strengths and weaknesses of our teams. With that knowledge we use the skills – the power – within our team.

Practice Clean Thinking Transcript.

Clean ThinkingStarting the conversation…

What does it mean to have awareness, to be responsible for, and be honest with ourself?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Co-host: Les Dossey





What You Will Hear:

Words have meaning.

The word clear has a charge.

What thinking is usually based on.

What it takes to be honest with ourself.

Clean thinking is more than clarity, its a way to interact.

Contradictions around us about how to live.

Motivation comes down to being free: to choose and act.

Responsibility is ours alone to let things be what they are.

Surrender for more awareness.

Experience brings a kind of awareness.

The skills to practice awareness and direct energy.

The more experience, we can predict our own actions/reactions.

The effects of complicated.

Take responsibility instead of refuse to accept it.

Use attention and energy to influence in a positive way.

Our world changes once we learn new information. There is no way to go back to before we know.

We can influence our world at home without defensiveness.

Use experience to change the outcome next time for a different, more desirable, result.

We bring our state of being into each relationship.

Use the full range of emotions.

Interactions in relationship.

Responsibility changes the way we look at every aspect of our business.

The view with which we look at the results, people, and processes in business.

Notable & Quotable

Les Dossey: I want to influence in a positive way.

Les Dossey: When my thinking is messy it’s filled with scarcity.

Jessica Dewell: It’s easy to get in our own way.

Jesica Dewell: [Action] starts with us.

Les Dossey: I sought out answers to untangle my life and help others do the same.

Les Dossey: When we give the right to be what it is, we expand our own freedom.

Jessica Dewell: Life builds on itself, through experience.

Les Dossey: There are no bad employees, there is only ineffective leadership.

Les Dossey: If I do my part in my world to make it a better place and challenge those people to do the same, I can change the world quickly.

Les Dossey: I look through the filter of freedom and if I’m honest, a heart at war is counter that. I must choose to have a heart at peace.

Jessica Dewell: Recognize burnout/overload and help employees change before they check out.

Jessica Dewell: Know the limits of our skills to be the most useful (and what that means to what we want).

Les Dossey: Work from our circle of effectiveness.


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