Hear about what rock bottom looks and feels like when transparency is lacking within our relationships.

With regards to transparency, what we share (or not) – that’s all up to us. To build trusting relationships and connect to friends, family, and colleagues we discern the right information to share at the right time. When finances, work, and / or personal lives are filled with uncertainty it impacts every part of our existence. Lorraine Reguly talks with Jess Dewell about the importance of transparency in relationships.

Starting the Conversation…

  • What’s that point when we talk to others about our past choices?
  • Tell us about a time you didn’t share about your past and how it affected your relationships?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Lorraine Reguly

What You Will Hear:

Poem: One Day

The NOT that sneaks up on you.

Honesty, complete honesty.

Framework that we use our values to interact with others.

Those mistakes, that turned out to be poor choices.

White lies are small bricks that move a relationship away from transparency.

Underlying issues … and other people notice enough to comment.

When we don’t share, relationship can break and heal.

Types of support.

How out how to ask for help.

It’s BOLD to be transparent in our relationships.

Notable & Quotable:

Lorraine Reguly: Honesty is both a value and principle to live by.

Jess Dewell: When we can listen without judgement, we can create a deeper connection with another that allows for more transparency.

Lorraine Reguly: : Ask yourself, ‘Is my choice going to be good for everything and everyone around me?’

Jess Dewell: Even with the best intention, white lies are still lies.

Lorraine Reguly: If you are addicted to something, all your mind does is think about how to get it.

Lorraine Reguly: Everything happens for a reason, and everything has worked out for the best.

Lorraine Reguly: Identify where you need the most support and then look at where you can get support.

Jess Dewell: A well defined goal can be held up to our life to find out who we already know and who we need to know to have support to achieve it.


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