Find out what inhibits our ability to embody confidence.

Find out what inhibits our ability to embody confidence. When practicing confidence, we will know how it feels, what we see, and how we act to recall that courage and determination when we are faced with fear or insecurity. Having mastered the integration of emotion and movement, guest Tracy Revell joins Jess Dewell to share how we can all find and embody our guts and grace.

Starting the Conversation…

  • What makes our place in space – and in our bodies revolutionary?
  • How do guts improve our ability to navigate difficult situations?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Tracy Revell

What You Will Hear:

Schedules, scheduling…and structure.

Boundaries, where they are and how we make them.

Three levels of awareness.

The power of two and power of three.

Really, we’re not as in our bodies as we think we are.

Personal power and hormones. We all have estrogen and testosterone.

Bring intuition into logical thinking.

The gap between what people perceive and what we think we perceive.

What language we use matters and must align with our body language.

Elevate our game.

It’s BOLD to embrace guts and grace.


Notable & Quotable:

Jess Dewell: Claim the physical space we take up.

Tracy Revell: It starts with personal internal boundaries, first.

Tracy Revell: The clarity around the boundaries of each interaction affects communication.

Tracy Revell: It’s important to drop in and bring us into physical sensation.

Jess Dewell: When we embrace differences, we can play an entirely new game.

Jess Dewell: The way we think we must run a business now limits the business success.

Tracy Revell: We can change our presence.


Tags: boundaries, relationship, movement, communication, models, emotional intelligence, cortisol, personal power