Think back to the times you’ve thought about dropping (almost) everything in life to switch direction – Amy Charity did it, and is going to talk about the experience with us.

Each of us faces obstacles when we encounter BIG change. Whether it’s how we evaluate, what’s the first step, or even knowing the end goal – the execution is difficult because of the commitments and obligations we already have. Amy Charity joins Jess Dewell to talk about how to get uncomfortable … and succeed!

Starting the Conversation…

  • What obstacles tend to get in our way when making a ‘big’ life change?
  • When it comes to friends and family – when we CHANGE how do we enlist their support to be more than superficial?
  • How do we evaluate the results of getting uncomfortable?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Amy Charity

What You Will Hear:

The first step to change.

What to do when we feel like we’ve taken on too much – and we think: are we good enough?

Confidence is not constant, yet we can call it up with practice.

How to take someone under our wing.

Have a mentor and mentor others at the same time.

Inclusion, teamwork, and accepting differences.

We don’t do work alone, no matter how many roles we fill.

Sometimes it’s better to make our own rules – that keeps the business mission front and center.

Facing self-limiting beliefs.

Support, and sometimes the lack of it. (Know yourself and how to take feedback and advice… for perspective.)

There is always another possible solution.

Tips to cultivate mindset when big setbacks crop up over and over.

What to do when We outgrow our connections and support.

Evaluating the work we’ve done and choosing what to do next.

Definition of success.

It’s BOLD to get uncomfortable.

Notable & Quotable:

Amy Charity: Just start somewhere, with a tiny step.

Amy Charity: Find a support network of people you can trust to be vulnerable with.

Amy Charity: I felt the duality of nervousness of my first bike race, starting at 34, and at the same time I had a decade on teammates in life and relationships.

Amy Charity: By me helping someone else, by me including someone else is best for the whole.

Jess Dewell: When what we are told to do and how things actually are done, unwritten agreements exist.

Jess Dewell: There are only so many hats that can be worn to actually get stuff done.

Amy Charity: Focus on your strength.

Amy Charity: I did the training, and I put the pieces together, yet so many people stepped up to help me do a race.

Amy Charity: Give back to your community, when you can.

Amy Charity: Every door that opened for me came from a relationship I’d established along the way.

Jess Dewell: What other questions come up for me when I ask for information and receive advice?

Jess Dewell: Yes! And this is what it’s going to take for me to do this.

Amy Charity: It’s a win-win when you ask for help, even if the situation doesn’t go well.

Amy Charity: I surrounded myself with experts, and it came with a significant tradeoff.

Amy Charity: If you set a goal and do your best and strive to it, that is success.

Amy Charity: The reason to get uncomfortable, to boldly do something new, is because when you get to the other side you feel fulfillment.


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