This panel will explore how we navigate the demands of both workplace and parental obligations, while still feeling fulfilled personally, in both our work and life contributions.

A maddeningly common double standard involves expectations about one’s ability to commit to work while also raising a family. Jess Dewell hosts panelists Tom Rhodes and Pam Barroway to discuss the demands working parents face – and, conversely, the double standards and assumptions that they are faced with. A program for every working parent.

Starting the conversation…

What assumptions do people make about you being a working parent?

How do those assumptions impact bottom line results?

Host: Jess Dewell
Panel: Tom Rhodes, Pam Barroway

What You Will Hear:

The company win and the needs of parenting and families.

The reality of one and two income families.

Lead by example and awareness.

Contractors, soloprenuers, and lifestyle businesses.

Livable wage, creative solutions to make our families work.

The need for a personal network.

Loyalty and how it plays out in organizations.

Professional standards and professionalism today.

Personal values matter as much as understanding corporate culture.

It matters how we show up.

Notable & Quotable:

Program 138 - Tom Rhodes

Tom Rhodes: We can do well in business and be profitable and find a way to find a way for our associates to have families that are successful also.

Jess Dewell: Sometimes we find ourselves in competing obligations, when we have a network to lean on, we can make it work.

Pam Barroway: I don’t live to work, I work to live.

Jess Dewell: As leaders, we are the stewards of our business.

Pam Barroway: Mindset matters and must filter down through a company.

Program 138 - Pam Barroway

Tom Rhodes: If I’m running a large store, and I don’t have other people trained to do the job of [someone that must take care of their family], then I’m not doing my job.

Tom Rhodes: When you treat people as people before they are associates, they will come to work happy.

Tom Rhodes: Shouldn’t have to choose between your children and your job.

Scott Scowcroft: when applying for a job a legitimate question to ask is, “what is the culture and how do you feel about my children, my dog?”

Pam Barroway: Owners must cultivate a mindset and a culture to be inclusive.

Scott Scowcroft:  Regardless of the overall corporate culture there is an approach you can have mutual respect.

Pam Barroway: Recognize the factors that offer us an opportunity.


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