We all have bright ideas, and it’s what we do at the beginning that matters most.

Ever been in the middle of a project and realized that something was missed, early on … something that requires a pivot or backtrack? We all have bright ideas, and it’s what we do at the beginning that matters most for effectiveness and impact. Jess Dewell hosts Joel Dawson and Greg Jamison to discuss why the importance of starting at the beginning and figuring out what is the first step.

Starting the Conversation…

  • When we get a bright idea, we expect to see results right away from the actions of our initial excitement. Why is it important to start at the beginning and what is the first step?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panel: Joel Dawson, Greg Jameson

What You Will Hear:

Look at the end before you begin, then make a plan.

Three steps to evaluate an idea.

Evaluate an idea to decide whether or not to even start working on it.

Dealing with external criticism.

When we just start without thinking…what happens.

Pivot, iterate, and give up.

Take matters into your own hand.

Bounceback from a low period.

Perspective leaps happen unexpectedly.

Taking care of ourself.

The experience of knowing THIS idea is the one to prioritize.

Create your own feedback loops and data reviews.

It’s BOLD to start at the beginning.

Notable & Quotable:

Program 140 - Greg Jameson

Greg Jameson: It is important to be consistent in your work.

Joel Dawson: Decide what it is going to take and how you will know your idea is successful.

Greg Jameson: If people look at you like you are nuts, you probably have something going on!

Joel Dawson: Not only do you have to believe in your process, you have to believe in yourself.

Jess Dewell: I find the courage, the confidence, and the ability to say this is hard.

Greg Jameson: Introspection is good for you.

Program 140 - Joel Dawson

Joel Dawson: You have to make the determination by doing all the research you possibly can.

Greg Jameson: The motivator must be big enough to keep you going.

Joel Dawson: When an idea is exciting and scary and you have to get started.

Jess Dewell: Sometimes we start taking action and then the plan falls into place.

Greg Jameson: A plan is a way of getting where you want to go.

Joel Dawson: Be okay with the fact it’s about the journey.


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