Keith Renninson shares the four steps necessary to build a fulfilling career called TRIP: Tenacity, Resilience, Imagination, and Purpose.

Burnout, stalled projects, a lack of excitement going to work … all have one thing in common: Shifting gears is hard when we are in such a place. Though it’s not easy or painless, the brave, take that first difficult step toward change. Jess Dewell hosts Keith Renninson to discuss the importance of taking a TRIP (Tenacity, Resilience, Imagination, Purpose) and thinking.

Starting the Conversation…

  • Personal awareness … to be able to connect with others.
  • What elements do we need to think about as we visualize and plan our career journey?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Keith Renninson

What You Will Hear:

Life is crazy, and we must navigate it.

Use the experiences we already have.

Fear surrounds facing what we’ve been avoiding.

Sometimes we just have to look at what’s in front of us.

Getting our confidence back.

Brainstorming is fun and useful.

All steps, regardless of order, is necessary to build resilience.

What we’re told and what we discern. We’re going to do something…now what?

Intention, notes, and creating the picture for actions to take.

Risk! Mindset matters.

What’s next? The results of our intentions.

It’s BOLD to pause and think.

Notable & Quotable:

Quotes_144_Keith Renninson

Keith Renninson: The tenacity muscle must be exercised.

Keith Renninson: There is so much more to learn!

Keith Renninson: Quiet time is valuable.

Jess Dewell: What you do and how you do it changes based on the situation we are in.

Keith Renninson: Use the bounce to get back to where you want to be.

Keith Renninson: You feel different when you find an idea and run with it.

Jess Dewell: It doesn’t matter what the steps are, you’ll hit them all even if they aren’t in the ‘right’ order.

Quotes_144_Jess Dewell

Keith Renninson: My imagination was in hog heaven because I was on a stage making people laugh…and I’m a financial planner!

Keith Renninson: Intention takes the action and makes goals move forward.

Keith Renninson: Have the intention of figuring out who you are and where you are going, you won’t get there.


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