We study and build hard skills to fulfill our roles efficiently … and once in a while find an Easter egg we can bring over into strategy and business planning.

As lifelong learners, we not only seek new information … we also seek to apply the information we’re learning as much as possible. On today’s program, Kristi Sullivan, Kittye Tilford, and Kris Tower – all from different areas of the financial planning industry – join Jess Dewell to discuss unexpected Easter eggs that they apply to business growth and development.

Starting The Conversation…

  • What’s the one ‘Easter Egg’ you can share that your financial background has given you to successfully run your business?

Host: Jess Dewell
Panel: Kristi Sullivan, Kittye Tilford, Kris Tower

What You Will Hear:

The paradox of time: do less, get more.

Financial stewards also build confidence.

Don’t take for granted the language and phrases we use all the time will make sense to everyone we encounter.

Our discoveries increase our confidence.

Risk taking, failure, and pithy quips.

Say what you want to do, even when you don’t have all the answers.

How to get to the REAL reason a person connects with us.

Live Audience Question: What’s the magic of compound interest?

The most often overlooked thing business owners do when it comes to their business finances.

Live Audience Question: How much does it cost to secure the services of a financial advisor.

Live Audience Question: How can I convert my business into planned retirement income?

A financial planner is part of our business team.

Who do you talk to when you are going through a tough time in your business.

Tips that we need to be thinking about right now.

Notable & Quotable:


Kris Tower: I focus on the things that are key for me to doing.

Kittye Tilford: We’re not just helping people with their money, we are helping them accomplish their goals.

Kristi Sullivan: Explain to me what I need to know here; My language is not the same as other people’s career language.

Jess Dewell: The more I look at my finances and use it to make decisions, the better I get at using my financials and leverage them more.

Kris Tower: It’s failure, failure, success – rarely do we get things right in business on the first try.

Kristi Sullivan: Telling a client your mistakes gives clients confidence in you; you are human too.

Kittye Tilford: The scars of our past allow us to grow [as people].

Quotes_146_Kittye Tilford

Kris Tower: Earning money on your money as it’s earning money.

Kristi Sullivan: Your older self should be #1; the benefit is they pay less taxes.

Kris Tower: I was in business 10 years before I decided that my income was the first expense.

Quotes_146_Kristi Sullivan

Kristi Sullivan: Bring a description of what you want to get out of the relationship and asking directly about how much will be paid for services.

Jess Dewell: Lead with questions that are important to you when exploring a new relationship.

Kittye Tilford: I am privileged to work with experienced people, and I seek their wisdom.

Kris Tower: Intuition on what needs to be done, and they are looking for permission to do it.

Kristi Sullivan: The theme I’m hearing is that things are ‘so crazy right now,’ and things are crazy all the time.

Kittye Tilford: Don’t be afraid to move forward, the most dangerous thing is to stay still.


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