Whether we like it or not, have children or not, our actions are seen and evaluated by younger people who are growing up today.

We bear responsibility for our actions, and yet most of us only look at this obligation insomuch as it impacts ourselves / our lives. The thing is … there are people watching us, deciding how they feel about the actions we take, and whether or not the outcomes are something they want to change or embrace. Jess Dewell and special co-host Joan Schnepp (her mom) host mother/daughter duos Marilyn Shannon / Gloria Lipman and Laura Bachman / Katie Raynolds to talk about generational leadership.

Starting the Conversation…

For Moms:
What was one value or trait you wanted to instill into your child to best serve them as adults?

For daughters:
What is a lifelong message you received from your mom?

Host: Jessica Dewell, Joan Schnepp
Panel: Marilyn Shannon, Gloria Lipman, Laura Bachman, Katie Raynolds

What You Will Hear:

Add back as much value as they take from every situation.

What emotional looks like and sounds like.

The way technology connects or disconnects us in a relationship.

It’s up to us to decide how to interact, intentionally.

Traits we are glad were modeled to us.

Valuing people as people.

Recognizing the behaviors we use to interact in the world.

The problems we face today are similar and different than those that came before us.

Break tradition and pave new paths, follow passion.

It’s BOLD to draw from experience.

Notable & Quotable:


Joan Schnepp: Independence is a personal and moral virtue; the action behind the value is what develops your independence.

Laura Bachman: Always ask, ‘What’s really going on behind that,’ and learning to look at what’s beneath the surface from ones actions.

Gloria Lipman: I use myself as an example for my children.


Katie Raynolds: Be intentional about how communicating through technology.

Jess Dewell: I make a conscious effort to makes sure to know who’s around me

Marilyn Shannon: We have to find our balance as we love to communicate; we can express ourselves as a connection to others and then think about our needs.

Marilyn Shannon: My mom never gives up, and that’s remarkable.


Katie Raynolds: I learned from my mom how to understand people in an empathetic way.

Jess Dewell: I know that my actions might open a door to open the door to make a situation better or achieve what’s possible.

Laura Bachman: There are differences between generations and there are also similarities as humans are still human.


Joan Schnepp: I was caught between an expectation my mother had of me and this whole new world of business, and I have had to pave the way.

Katie Raynolds: Take a breath in stressful situations, and apologize less.


Laura Bachman: It always comes back to people – it’s human beings that make things happen.

Marilyn Shannon: Let listening be the bridge to connect with others.

Gloria Lipman: Anything in moderation – it can’t always be wrong, it can’t always be right. There are lots of ways to see something.

Joan Schnepp: Consistently set a higher bar.

Jess Dewell: It’s tough to make a choice right for me when many around me may see it as wrong…and to do it anyway.



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