SOS (shiny object syndrome), barking up the wrong tree, and burnout are things that can happen when we don’t focus our attention – and be intentional about – time, money and energy.

We perform better in business (and in life) when we get out of our own way. That may happen through surrender, through focused attention, and that our life’s trials prepare us for what’s happening right now and what we’re going to face in the future. Gary Barnes, the Breakthrough Business Mastery Coach, joins Jess Dewell to talk about time, money and energy.

Starting the conversation…

  • We don’t think we’re in a scarcity mindset…but we might need to look a little deeper. What do you suggest for a reality check?
  • What are your top tips to master business and achieve the 1 and 3-year goals?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Gary Barnes

What You Will Hear:

We are trained to a scarcity – mediocrity – mindset.

The ultimate vision.

Two sides to every feeling, emotion, and response.

Fear of risk; the receiving part of giving.

Live Audience Question: have you ever had to reinvent yourself?

Actions move you toward or away from your destination.

Live Audience Question: What role does gratitude play?

ThinkTime. Remember to think.

Live Audience Question: Why so many people ask for permission – in business and life  – to do something?

Play bigger – Breakthrough Business Mastery Bootcamp.

Live Audience Question:  What advice do you have for teenagers on how best to transition into adulthood?

Know what you lead with: time, money, or energy and know the importance of time.

Invest or spend … your time.

Motivate ourselves, as our motivation is internal.

We are not better than, we are different from.

Live Audience Question:  Do you have a book or two that made a big difference in your life that you like recommending to us?

The importance of a business plan.

The questions we must ask to move our business forward.

What makes it BOLD to critically evaluate the use of time,

Notable & Quotable:


Gary Barnes: Part of my mission statement is to empower: helping connect the power already within them.

Gary Barnes: What you think is ordinary, other people is extraordinary.

Gary Barnes: We live in a world of duality – if we don’t have a bad day we’re not going to appreciate a good day.

Gary Barnes: Everything I have felt that was negative in my life, really has come to a positive as time has gone on.

Jess Dewell: We all have to accept some sort of reinvention, it might be a tiny step and it might be leaping off a building.

Gary Barnes: Gratitude is foundational.

Gary Barnes: We have been trained not to [do what we need to do].

Gary Barnes: Time is the only asset we have that is not duplicatable.


Jess Dewell: Motivation comes from inside, even when we go out of ourselves to get energy to fuel our internal motivation.

Gary Barnes: Step into your light and leave ego out of the equation.

Gary Barnes: Three elements of a business plan are be seen, be safe, and be relevant.

Jess Dewell: When one says no to my offer, I can evaluate my response and figure out the motive behind it.

Gary Barnes: What do people really buy, invest in, when they purchase our product? They buy borrowed belief.

Gary Barnes: Make it real. Create the action steps to give the probability to allow it to come to fruition.

Gary Barnes: Being bold is engaging courage in spite of fear.


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