It takes more than the actions of a job well done to realize our employment, promotability, and income potential.

Will people notice our good work on their own? Unlikely, given the unrelenting swirl of information around us (and everyone else). It will take more than the actions of a job well done to realize our employment, promotability, and income potential. Jess Dewell hosts panelists Lynette Davis and Frank DeDominicis to discuss championing yourself at work.

Starting the conversation…

  • Who do champion first? Company, customer, us? Why?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panel: Lynette Davis, Frank DeDominicis

What You Will Hear:

We must champion the customer, the company, and ourself.

Pause, champion myself, charge forward with what’s at hand.

Overlap of personal and company values.

Examples of the integration of values to difficult conversations.

Fall back on values to be present in conversations.

Champion ourselves in our own role.

When we have clear transparency or confusion and lack of communication, still champion yourself.

The responsibility of stepping into something bigger.

Purpose of pause.

What makes it BOLD to be the champion for yourself, your company.

Notable & Quotable:


Frank DeDominicis: The customer pays the boss…who pays me.

Lynette Davis: You drive your company to results when you are on ‘E’.

Jess Dewell: As a leader, what is invested is one of the most important things we have; to be effective I want to make sure what’s in place is prioritized to achieve [results].

Lynette Davis: There is an underlying tie between my personal values and business values, presented differently in each situation.

Jess Dewell: The people that work with me have to be able to own the company values too. It’s what makes us effective.


Frank DeDominicis: The impact we have, the power of our words, to influence others is incredible.

Frank DeDominicis: Honor who I am first, as business is only one part.

Lynette Davis: Once I began journaling, then I could go back and determine where was I falling apart to be able to course correct.

Frank DeDominicis: Rational thinking can be very dangerous when it comes to dreams – it gets in the way of doing the impossible.

Lynette Davis: Champion what you want by having a coach in your corner.

Frank DeDominicis: The triggers of change are strong emotion.

Lynette Davis: The cost of not wanting to take steps is that you remain stuck where you are.

Frank DeDominicis: The tendency is to conform to the norms of the group, however, those true leaders have willingness to try new ideas and test assumptions.

Lynette Davis: It takes courage to champion yourself.



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