Embracing diversity on the surface is easy, integrating it into every part of life is much more work.

Diversity is prominently in the news in many forms pointing out and talking about society. What we do as individuals shapes society. Let’s get more personal with this: incorporating diversity into our personal lives and reflecting on how we incorporate different perspectives, gender, race, and even socio-economic status. What we include and integrate becomes what we model to others. Join Jess Dewell as she talks with Rebecca Davidson about how our differences strengthen our relationships.

Starting the conversation…

  • Importance of our personal connections.
  • What does it look like to take a reflective look at the diversity of ideas and backgrounds? What if we don’t like what we see at first glance?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Rebecca Davidson

What You Will Hear:

Diversity and inclusion starts with how we relate to the world.

Emotion plays a big role in conversations.

Top issues to face when we are thinking about money revolve around another large life event.

The word relationship, in relationship, in a relationship.

The importance of our personal connections

Live Audience Question: What makes a great business relationship?

What we can learn from a self-check, noticing our reaction.

Tips to know we have achieved personal diversity.

Live Audience Question: How do we nurture diversity in a small company?

Love can exist in business, and it has a role.

Live Audience Question: You’ve used the word love. Don’t your really mean empathy? 

Linear and non-linear thinking co-exist.

Being the token person (and recognize that’s a judgement).

Live Audience Question: Are you saying that a woman lead organization will tend to be run differently than a man lead company? If so, does one type tend to be better than the other? 

Live Audience Question: Are you saying that a woman leaders run organizations differently than men leaders? If so, does one type tend to be better than the other? 

What makes it bold to recognize our differences to strengthen our relationships.

Notable & Quotable:

Rebecca Davidson: The way I move through the world is deeply relating to people.

Jess Dewell:  We can invite emotion in without allowing it to take over – emotions always influence decisions.

Rebecca Davidson: What we think was our job, is not really our job.

Rebecca Davidson: As business people, when we are willing to be in relationship we are willing to let them take up some of our space.

Rebecca Davidson: Selling is all about getting buy-in; by figuring out how I can solve your problem I can see what I can help.

Jess Dewell: Is what we are doing going to reflect out beyond who is sitting at the table?

Rebecca Davidson: Create a connection by seeing  an opening and take it!

Rebecca Davidson: If I’m feeling repelled, that’s equally important as when I feel compelled.

Jess Dewell: Explore the differences and what we might be feeling when we have a less-than-positive first impression.

Jess Dewell: When I walk into a room, I observe people to feel out their intent.

Rebecca Davidson: See how are we similar AND how we are different, even though we put our sameness forward.

Rebecca Davidson: You love someone because they are their own independent unit and helping them when they ask.

Rebecca Davidson: In diversity, you have to be willing to be disruptive of the system that created the things that are painful in our world.

Jess Dewell: Conscious judgements can be made to expand our thinking.

Rebecca Davidson: It’s BOLD to let your rough edge rub up against someone else’s rough edge.


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