How can we use our weaknesses to make ourselves and our businesses better?

Weaknesses are a tricky topic; these are traits we often aren’t sure we can change or improve. The thing is … maybe we can, but just not directly. It’s easy to look at our (and our team’s) strengths and try to capitalize on them. The shadow, the overlooked, the unattended – when left alone, such attributes can create sabotaging behaviors which lead to plateaued or negative growth. Jess Dewell hosts panelists Joel Dawson and Allen Bridgeforth to discuss how to cultivate strength.

Starting the Conversation…

  • Reflecting back, what is a skill you’ve learned to optimize a weakness? What’s been the result?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panel: Joel Dawson, Allen Bridgeforth

What You Will Hear:

Taking chances is part of personal development.

Self-taught includes limiting statements.

Tips on how to start taking the first step.

Resistance around change.

Gratitude is important.

Shift from settling to smelling the roses.

Change changes relationships; phycology, love and belonging.

Stoicism and passion.

Teams, groups, and judgment.

Learn to unlearn.

Values used to cultivate inner strength.

It’s BOLD to cultivate inner strength.

Notable & Quotable:


Allen Bridgeforth: Investing in myself is a form of risk.

Joel Dawson: It’s hard work to overcome a negative belief.

Allen Bridgeforth: Failure is necessary.

Jess Dewell: My family shares one thing we are grateful for before we begin a meal together.

Joel Dawson: It’s not that I wasn’t grateful, it’s that I didn’t stop to smell the roses.

Allen Bridgeforth: It felt wrong to embrace my genius, and I worked to change that because we all have greatness in us.

Jess Dewell: Sometimes we don’t have the strength of will, and it feels like we go backward before we get forward momentum


Joel Dawson: To change, first understand why the people around are in our life.

Allen Bridgeforth: If I have love in my heart and I realize I can only control me, I have a suit of emotional armor.

Joel Dawson: When you have passion, all you think about is how can I achieve this.



Jess Dewell: Our culture is demonstrated by our actions.

Joel Dawson: Once I started piecing my values together, I learned why I make decisions.

Allen Bridgeforth: When I start from a position of love, I can show that I don’t bring any negativity or harm.

Joel Dawson: Strength is in the NEW relationships and experiences to expand what you know.

Allen Bridgeforth:  It is BOLD to question things you hold as true.


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