Starting the Conversation…

  • How do you ensure your personal values are aligned with your company and its activities?

Host: Jess Dewell
Co-host: Ryan Marchman

What You Will Hear:

We control … what we do.

The importance of values and alignment of what we believe and want.

The process of knowing what we stand for.

The one interview question to ask that directs the rest of the interview.

Find the pinpoint where we come together and work together.

Really, we know our values even when we haven’t looked closely at them (or for them).

Experience around the words and phrases we choose have value.

It’s about authenticity – which includes consistency.

Tips to find patterns around us.

We know what we don’t like, find out what you do like and work with them.

When we must grow where we are planted.

The feeling of alignment.

Value defined.

Stuck-ness, and what to do about it.

Example of communication guidance.

The principle of saying what you really mean.

The word … no.

What makes it BOLD to align business values and activities.

Notable & Quotable:


Ryan Marchman: If you are trying to live out someone else’s values that aren’t in alignment with who you are, you are always bumping up against yourself.

Jess Dewell: There are things I must be able to articulate around the Red Direction so that another can use the company to bring their values and be fulfilled working here.

Ryan Marchman: If my values couldn’t support my business, I wouldn’t be running this business.

Ryan Marchman: Because it’s ingrained in his personal values, they want to do the job … wherever they are.

Jess Dewell: I automatically go to the positive: something put us together here, so let’s get going.

Ryan Marchman: Business problems are personal problems in disguise.

Ryan Marchman: You already have your highest values, and default to them.

Jess Dewell: We have something to learn from each other.


Jess Dewell: It surprises me that people may know their values, but they don’t articulate them or write them down.

Ryan Marchman: It’s not the idea of the values, it’s the expression of them.

Jess Dewell: Figure out what’s most important [to you] and plug them into your life.

Ryan Marchman: More you think about how bad it is, the more you are stuck in a rut.

Ryan Marchman: Our ideas can never be fully expressed through words.

Jess Dewell: When someone wants to be connected yet they are disconnected, their use of language reflects that.

Jess Dewell: Ask questions to support a dialog.

Ryan Marchman: At some point, we associated directness with rudeness.

Ryan Marchman: Whenever truly aligned with the business you are in, you are exposing yourself to the eyes of the public, and that is vulnerable … and, it’s BOLD.


Tags: personal values, values, shared meaning, alignment, experience, patterns, momentum, relationship, honest, observation

How do you ensure your personal values are aligned with your company’s and its activities?

As leaders we are the stewards of prioritizing, decision-making, and determining how to do work. The work being done demonstrates both what is valued, and valuable, to a company’s results. Jess Dewell hosts panelists Joel Dawson and Ryan Marchman to discuss ways of aligning business values and activities.

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