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How to create processes to carry our teams on autopilot when the going gets tough?

Host: Jess Dewell

What You Will Hear:

Technology in our business.

Our response to technology.

The power of process, plug and play.

ThinkTime to work ON our business objectives.

Clues that we may be on autopilot can be found in our habits.

Live Audience Question: How to avoid falling into an autopilot trap, how to avoid becoming inert?

Live Audience Question: When we talk about autopilot, my first thought is setting the course for business. However I have a feeling those two things are different, and I just don’t know how to make a difference. 

Our priorities and interests shift from time to tome.

In times of high stress, we revert … sometimes to deep-rooted response.

Live Audience Question: Isn’t the sweet spot for autopilot a small company or department? Beyond that, doesn’t it become unwieldy?

Being and taking action … at the same time.

Change of pace, a need for a different set of activities even when we really like something.

Own our energy level and rely on those around us plus processes to be supported.

Evaluate processes: do they still work the way we want?

Live Audience Question: Isn’t autopilot just another word for cross training? For is there more to it?

Live Audience Question: What are the essential elements for autopilot?

Sometimes we push back on the routine.

Sit with this question: How do we build curiosity that we are in auto-pilot, and is it alright?

Three levels of awareness.

Notable & Quotable:

Jess Dewell: Today, whether we code and create applications or not, we are all technology companies.

Jess Dewell: I know I’m in autopilot when my ThinkTime is eroded.

Jess Dewell: When our processes are good enough and get the desired results, we can protect our ThinkTime.

Jess Dewell: When we catch ourselves tuning out, when it’s important that we are present…we are using our awareness.

Jess Dewell: It’s not about gathering all the data, it’s about gathering the RIGHT data.

Jess Dewell: Decision making sets the course for business.

Jess Dewell: When what’s changed impacts the ability to sustain energy, change the action around it to rejuvenate.


Tags: process, routine, technology, habit, autopilot, ThinkTime, efficiency, awareness, presence, distraction, results, responsibility, vulnerability

How to create processes to carry our teams on autopilot when the going gets tough?

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