We are in this to be our best. To work well. To adapt and build personal (and business) resilience. Since we learn from each other, let’s use that connection. Jess Dewell hosts panelists Allen Bridgeforth and Andrew Jenkins to discuss how to be better leaders.

Starting the Conversation…

What are the most important resources you have found to learn about and apply take aways for being a better leader?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Panelists: Allen Bridgeforth, Andrew Jenkins

What You Will Hear:

Importance of team building.

Three things we can do right now to increase our learning.

Approaches to ThinkTime.

A starting step for cultivating ThinkTime.

Time is scarce, it’s important how we use it.

Engage in our day, mindfulness around energy management.

Ways to apply the connections we make in our learning.

Be aware of our physicality.

Leading equals results, sustaining a workflow.

Embrace self-satisfaction and gratitude.

Questions to consider the HOW (for ourselves).

What makes it BOLD to consciously be a better leader.

Notable & Quotable:


Allen Bridgeforth: It’s helpful to interact in group discussions where we share a common vision to exchange ideas.

Andrew Jenkins: Essentially, it’s about how to work together and being able to inspire others.

Allen Bridgeforth: I allow myself a small soapbox to be creative.

Andrew Jenkins: Keep [important things] in your diary otherwise they never get done.

Jess Dewell: After 5 long working days, I’m spent… unless I’ve managed my energy well.

Allen Bridgeforth: I came this far, and I want to go farther.


Andrew Jenkins: I find so often that when I pause and pick up a book, I find a pearl of wisdom right on the page in front of me.

Jess Dewell: Use information that is coming our way (the space we create, our meditation) to make connections to our priorities.

Allen Bridgeforth: When you make the acknowledgment of success and shortcomings, you have the power to change.

Andrew Jenkins: Every persona matters, including you.

Allen Bridgeforth: You are a leader of whatever task you agree to take.

Andrew Jenkins: It’s not just about us, it’s about how WE make the world better.

Allen Bridgeforth: It’s bold to take risk and recognize that we don’t control everything.

Andrew Jenkins: Be ok with uncertainty.



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