It is important to look at the actions we take each day. Each choice has an outcome we don’t know … yet our mindset comes from the way we approach problems and the actions we choose. Jess Dewell will share the importance of being more aware of the situations we find ourselves in and how to align prioritizing what we value.

Starting the Conversation…

  • How do our actions really tell us what we value?

Host: Jessica Dewell

What You Will Hear:


We prioritize what we value.

Personal values and shared values – shared meaning.

Actions, reactions, and responses reflect what’s important to us.

What dissonance feels, sounds, and looks like when there is a gap between our actions and values.

Marilyn Shannon: Curious about the difference between values and priorities?

Steps to determining a gap – a gap analysis.

The last step of a gap analysis is making a decision we can stick to.

Jeffrey: Values and priorities generational?

It takes time to practice using the steps of a gap analysis to evaluate our own behavior.

Priorities tend to come first…yet what we value determines how we show up.

David: How important is it that your values and priorities match your bosses?

Evaluate priorities.

It’s BOLD to take time to develop high level thinking skills.


Tags: gap analysis, problem solving, ThinkTime, values, priorities, soft skills, integrity, decision making

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