Starting the conversation…

How do we best use the power of learning?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guests: Karen McGee, Rita Erickson

What You Will Hear:

The focus on education creates an opportunity to earn a living wage and increase contribution.

What education offers to women.

Reflection about what happens when there are bumps in the road.

The overlooked skills that education instills.

Live Audience Question:  What are some of the biggest challenges women leaders face, and what are some good tops to begin to resolve them?

Live Audience Question: How can I help women in my surrounding and provide a valuable feedback so they know their values and qualities?

The path from hardship to leadership.

Live Audience Question: I’m aware that changing myself will change my surrounding, but to make the change easier what should I do to gain the support of my peers (and family)?

What success looks like.

Working next to a mother or father is the lemonade stand of the past.

Tips to be conscious thinkers.

Live Audience Question: Jess, do your guests think things will continue to get better for women in the workforce? If so, how long before there’s true parity with men?

What makes it BOLD to embrace the power of education (for ourselves and others)?

Notable and Quotable:


Karen McGee: Scholarships make a difference to recipient families. One scholarship allowed a recipient to double her income.

Karen McGee: Even just some college, earning power is improved. Educated women volunteer more, attend to their health more, do more civic involvement, and pay more taxes.

Rita Erickson: You sign up for that change and this is how it’s going to be and what we are going to do.

Jess Dewell: Generational change comes from breaking the mold.

Rita Erickson: We rely on our social networks and our interaction with people. Receiving a scholarship is that others believe in us.


Karen McGee: Persistence and resilience are two overlooked traits that make a huge difference to women pursuing their education.

Rita Erickson: I’ve been trying to engage and involve my daughter in the work I do at home.

Jess Dewell: Are we willing to explore the patterns in our life and find out if they are limiting us?

Karen McGee: We don’t know what opportunities that we are well qualified are getting passed by when we don’t push through to break the patterns.

Rita Erickson: When you know your wants and desires other can align with that too.

Karen McGee: I think things will get better for women because awareness cannot help but change. It is also a whole lot slower than what we anticipated.

Rita Erickson: My education translated into starting my own business and other outcomes that are equally important like knowing who you are.

Karen McGee: It’s BOLD to embrace education because it truly changes the world. When an individual changes themselves, it changes the lives and world around them.




socio-economics, success, intention, education, awareness, communication, unconscious bias, respect, compassion, changing markets, problem solving, tenacity

How do we best use the power of learning?

Sometimes we travel the tough road to get to where we want to go. Colorado Women’s Education Foundation (CWEF) provides a support system for women who are in need of financial and community support to achieve their dreams, enhance their leadership, and make a bigger contribution to the world. Jess Dewell talks with Karen McGee, President of CWEF, and Rita Erickson, CWEF Recipient and President of Self Directing Systems, about the power of education.

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