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We hear about creative thinking, however do we really employ it to increase our opportunities for success?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Colleen Miller

Notable & Quotable:

Creativity is the willingness to be open to possibility.

Pain points that give us experience and reasons to get creative.

Thinking and creativity – our thoughts.

Thinking differently.

Creativity and the levels of awareness.

Questions to use in self reflection AND to begin thinking.

100 Monkey Theory.

Risks of group think.

Get talking – what bubbles up is what’s bothering us.

Recognize the choice is yours.

It’s BOLD to actively engage in creative thinking.

Notable and Quotable:


Colleen Miller: When there is hope, there is a way out.

Colleen Miller: There are a lot of elements that feed into how we interpret information.

Jess Dewell: With practice we develop awareness and can choose: I can do the same thing again OR I can do something different.

Colleen Miller: Is this thought toward or away from where I want to go?

Jess Dewell: How do we make time for creativity when we are all doing more with less?

Colleen Miller: People who are willing to work the idea and stay with it, don’t give up.


Jess Dewell: Protect your time at all costs.

Colleen Miller: Give yourself permission to play.

Colleen Miller: Subjecting yourself to creativity allows you to find inspiration.



awareness, change, thinking, communication, creativity, motivation, questioning, instant gratification, group think, decision making, choice

How do we creatively think about problems we face?

We hear about creative thinking … but do we really employ the practice to increase our opportunities for success? Where we can use the same steps to work through a problem, we can insert creative thinking to expand options and create possibility. Jess Dewell talks with Colleen Miller about using creative thinking.

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