Starting the conversation…

What does innovation really look, sound, and feel like?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Wayne Nix

What You Will Hear:

Environment – where and who we connect with – matter.

Who to surround yourself to get started – to learn.

The place ideas come from.

The one thing to keep an idea moving forward.

What we start with isn’t what the end idea (the product in production) looks like.

Cookbook innovation and fast followers.

Innovation defined.

Market research: Most liked parts of the MultiNix utility tool.

Experience changes the way you think and approach business.

Live Audience Question: When we have a great idea we think it’s flawless, but usually it needs more work to get to the final, how to avoid self-doubt and self-censorship how do you deal w that?

Live Audience Question: in your opinion what is the most important element of the innovation process?

When you have an idea that pulls at your heart and gut – that must be brought to market – what do you do?

What makes it BOLD to embrace inspired innovation?

Notable and Quotable:


Jess Dewell: When we don’t have growth, when we don’t have change, what do we have? We’ve got a big fat goose egg.

Wayne Nix: Everybody has ideas. It’s just how do you know when to take action on?

Wayne Nix: You turn an idea into something that’s profitable, or that actually becomes a creation, once you actually take action.

Wayne Nix: You have to have a nurturing environment. You need to have resources. You need to have people that you can bounce ideas off. You’ve got to have trust. And you also have to be able to just kind of let loose sometimes.

Wayne Nix: Ideas tell us that something is possible. That’s really what it boils down to.

Wayne Nix: Ideas says, “It would be neat.” or, “Wouldn’t that be cool.” or, “Maybe we should do this.”

Wayne Nix: What happens after the idea becomes pretty much its feasibility. Cause then the point is, it’s the idea why are you doing it? Is it for fun? or sh*ts and giggles? Or is it that you actually want to try and make some money off of this.


Jess Dewell: Another phrase I hear a lot, “Fail fast.” The whole concept of agile.

Wayne Nix: It’s not the what you want to do. It’s the why you want to do it.

Wayne Nix: Going back to that Alice in Wonderland thing with, “Where you want to go?”

Wayne Nix: Am I looking at this for my personal life? Or my looking at this for my personal growth versus am I trying to make a company?

Wayne Nix: What I’ve learned, it’s just like in gardening. I can’t plant a half an acre and manage it. I got a plant a row.

Wayne Nix: It’s just starting small, because it’s very stressful no matter what business you’re in.

Wayne Nix: My mission and vision is to be able to inspire others that are in healthcare that actually work the frontlines to get more involved, because I don’t think you can do it by yourself.

Wayne Nix: The big dream for me was to be able to help bridge that gap between life science and lab science.

Wayne Nix: Forecast in 5 to 7 years, out because it’s cool now, but it’s going to take 5 to 7 minimum to really get something that’s built.

Jess Dewell: Nintendo’s been around for over a hundred years. Technology, computers have not been around for a hundred years. Nintendo has figured out how to adapt and stay true to their core mission.



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What does innovation really look, sound, and feel like?

Each and every one of us has ideas, yet not many follow through until we see ideas put to use. It takes guts and heart to get a useful idea out of our heads and into a form from which others can benefit. Jess Dewell talks with Wayne Nix, founder of RNVention, about his inspired innovation.


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