Starting the conversation…

What do you do when life throws a curve ball and change is inevitable and immediate?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Zak Clayton

What You Will Hear:

Face the greatest challenges, what we think about.

Mindset played a role facing new normals every day during healing.

The ability to give back doesn’t have to be difficult, we can do it while we live our lives.

Baggage, relationships, and the side effects.

We model traits by the behaviors we choose.

The first step of facing a challenge.

Stop and listen to your heart, your head, your body.

What happens to us impacts how we approach business.

Find what keeps you going.

It’s BOLD to face challenge and do more than survive …to thrive.

Notable and Quotable:


Zak Clayton: One of the worst things for people to do is wait until it’s too late. …
because if you wait too long to ask for help, you’re so far under that it’s just
impossible to do.

Jess Dewell: The healing process is in the little things, in the actions that we take
and the choices that we make every day.

Zak Clayton: There’s always a second way that you can go about doing things.

Zak Clayton: Going at something when you got the energy is a lot smarter than going at
something when you’re fighting yourself along with fighting the problem.

Zak Clayton: If you make a decision when you’re the happiest in the world, you’re going
to make a decision thinking that everything is always going to be like that. And we all
know it’s not always going to be Bubblegum and Rainbows.


Zak Clayton: And if you make a decision when you’re fighting the world and everything is
terrible, then you’re going to make a decision that’s going to harm you.

Zak Clayton: It’s not worth making a decision when you’re emotional. It’s not worth
fighting through something where you’re not going to win. You just need to listen to what
you’ve got.

Jess Dewell: We live in a society where listening and stopping because our brains just
aren’t working that day, listening and stopping because we’re just a little under the
weather, listening and stopping because we’re distracted by something else and actually
giving ourselves the space to be with the distraction instead of with what we presume the
story we tell ourselves of what is important.


mindset, change, boundaries, relationship, vulnerability, challenge, resourcefulness

What do you do when life throws a curve ball and change is inevitable and immediate?

Big or small, change will demand our attention now and again. Facing change can feel like all our options have been taken away (and maybe they have). When there is only one way – forward – the way we face it and take action matters. Jess Dewell speaks with Zak Clayton, founder of Clayton Consulting to talk about how we survive and thrive.

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