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Where do personal growth and business strategy intersect?

Host: Jess Dewell
Co-Host: Abigail Manning

What You Will Hear:

The scope of growth and strategy.

What sparks lack of confidence and 3 steps to overcome.

Three questions to check confidence we are filling your role as a leader in our business.

I’m going to look at….(and be courageous about where to change).

Live audience question: What is the best way to build confidence in workplace, not being a leader but as someone trying to get there?

Jesse Owen’s inspirational story.

Lead our company’s forward with confidence.

Examples of awareness of what’s ‘normal.’

Fast changes, unknowns, and decision making.

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Two stories where growth and strategy intersect.

Works matter, we trigger each other, and we can behave.

What makes it BOLD to recognize where personal growth and business growth intersect?

Notable and Quotable:


Abigail Manning
I love intersections because I don’t like things when people try to explain them as mutually exclusive. That’s where the pendulum swing is too far one way or the other. So I love talking about where do we converge and where do we meet.

Abigail Manning
If we can build a strong and healthy me, then that means we can build a strong and healthy we.

Abigail Manning
We can all be really confident in one area or skill or areas of expertise or something like that. And it’s a no brainer and some days you’re even more confident in that category than other times, and then other areas you have no confidence whatsoever. And I think those are all just lies that we believed.

Abigail Manning
I think that we all can be pretty decent at most things, not great at other things and that’s okay to have that confidence about it.

Abigail Manning
And to me, confidence is courage in action that proves anything is achievable.

Abigail Manning
If I have confidence in myself that I can handle something new, so whatever it is, I can handle it. That courage that I’ve done other things I’ve achieved other things I didn’t think I could do in the past. That is those tiny building steps that we take to build overall confidence.

Abigail Manning
So when something new comes thrown at you, you can say, you know, I could face this with courage because I faced other things with courage. And I did okay, or I failed and I stood back up, and that was okay. That was good. I learned from that too. Or man, I really hit thAT one out of the ballpark.

Abigail Manning
So you can have all different types of courage from failures that didn’t kill me, I thought failing was going to kill me, and it didn’t. I’m still here. Look at me.


Abigail Manning
And that’s what we find a lot of in abuse, is if you learn to stand back up, you can have that courage. It takes a while to stand backup sometimes, especially we’re all different people. We’ve all heard different things, believe different lies about ourselves. But eventually, the point is that we need to stand back up and take that step forward. And that with courage, we gain confidence.

Abigail Manning
So many people say it’s in the past. Well, if you haven’t dealt with it, then it’s always this nagging feeling of something that’s coming up from behind, especially abuse. So when you do the hard work, you look in your rear view mirror about what was in your past, and what do you need to overcome or what do you need to address? Those are those negative tapes that we all believe as truth you’re never good enough. You’re not smart enough. You’re too old. You’re too young. No one’s going to like you. So clear up what was in the past. Clear up what you see in the rearview mirror and kind of flip it around into something that’s more positive. I call that flip a dip. Take a negative and turn it into a positive. Don’t believe the lies. Believe the truth, that you are a good person and you’re never too old and you’re never too young to have a valid point and a great idea and ambition.

Jess Dewell
Accept what is and accept who we are, regardless and including what happened to us at any point in the past, that caused us hurt or trauma.

Abigail Manning
Who do you have as an accountability buddy? Someone who’s not going to let you talk negatively about yourself. Someone who’s going to encourage you to go for that bigger dream. Someone who’s going to say that’s a lie. You are more than good enough, so having an accountability buddy who knows what is in your past. Who knows what’s in your future. Who can help you stay accountable to walking on that path, because it does take courage.

Jess Dewell
Have you stated your company’s growth goals to every person in your organization? This is a confidence builder.

Jess Dewell
Can I really hold up that mirror and go, “I’m telling myself the truth,” or “I’m not quite ready for that.”

Jess Dewell
Even if we can’t look yet, even if we can’t incorporate it all, it’s okay to know that it’s there and we’re not ready to look.

Jess Dewell
Give myself some grace. I’ve done amazing. I’m achieving a lot. I have made incredible strides in so many areas so I can bring them along until they’re ready to be known.

Abigail Manning
It is that garbage that we have in our head that we have to get rid of, so that we can all focus on the goal with productivity and positivity and everybody feels an important part of the team.

Jess Dewell
We don’t have to be all things to all people. We can be like, good. Yeah, we might do some of that. But that’s what they do. Here’s what we do. And here’s the difference.

Abigail Manning
Confidence isn’t arrogance. Like everybody needs us. We’re going to be around forever. There’s no way we can crash and burn. Confidence is: I’m going to look in the mirror. I’m going to figure out my strengths. I’m going to stay ahead of things. I’m going to look at my competition. I’m going to look at what do we do really, really well. I’m going to look at our core values. Are they in alignment with our goals? Then, with that, the courage of saying, “Where do we need to change? Where do we need to adapt and grow versus die on the vine?”

Jess Dewell
We have people who depend on us to pay them. They have committed and they’ve hitched their missions to ours. We have a responsibility to them as much as they have a responsibility to us.

Abigail Manning
We’re in choppy waters, but we all have to row together or we’re never going to make it to shore.

Abigail Manning
I don’t know why it’s human nature to only wait until you’re in a crisis situation, and that’s what I think you and I are trying to prevent is create awareness where people can see it prior to the crisis. Prior to, “Wait a minute. You mean our survival is all on the same team?”

Abigail Manning
We can have that accountability and that understanding of that every single person matters. Every person on your team, every person in your company, everything matters. What you say to them. How you encourage them. How you develop their skills. How you overlook some of the things that they’re not great at.

Abigail Manning
Every leader is not going to be super articulate or have great people skills. But are they really good at knowing the vision and getting the steps there? Yes. Well, then let’s honor that and that leader.

Abigail Manning
Sometimes people think you should just trust me right away. You should have confidence in me right away. And confidence is trust. It’s built over time. It’s built over repetitive action.

Jess Dewell
Have you stated your own personal growth goals to your supervisor who you report to? If you have not, they don’t know what you’re attempting to do.

Jess Dewell
If my direct superior doesn’t have that trust with me or I’m unable to crack that nut, who else can I become known to and be officially or unofficially mentored by so that we can have those conversations and they know what I want?


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Where do personal growth and business strategy intersect?

A certain confidence is necessary to accept growth that happens quickly and plan for company growth year over year. Confidence comes from within, while our ability to lead comes from how we consistently show up. A limitation of both is where our blind spots are. Jess Dewell talks with Abigail Manning to discuss where growth and business strategy intersect.

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