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How do you stay lean and achieve rapid growth most effectively?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Jacob Baadsgaard

What You Will Hear:

Each stage of business has its tradeoffs.

Look at least 5 years to the future.

Importance of clarity for rapid growth.

One slice of business excellence that indicated it was time to go from founder selling to team selling.

The feelings and experience of breaking apart roles; reducing the number of hats people wear.

Instill a strong culture AND stay growth focused.

Nurture yourself as a leader.

Biggest challenge Jake overcame as the CEO of Disruptive Advertising.

Introduce a process of idea development…and then make a decision.

An example of iteration at Disruptive Advertising.

Its BOLD to stay lean and go after rapid growth.

Notable and Quotable:


Jess Dewell 2:58
Those that listen to the show a lot will know I talked about this statistic, that one and 100 businesses will survive to 10 years.

Jess Dewell 3:33
That’s where clarity actually happens, the messenger and the receiver.

Jacob Baadsgaard 4:03
One hundred percent, when clarity is present, progress is happening. When there is not clarity, It is certainly not happening as well as it should.

Jacob Baadsgaard 4:46
I just remember thinking I can work at level “X”and get compensated level “Y.” Or I can work at level 10 x (which is what I had been doing), and my numbers were backing it up, and get compensated like 1.1 x. And that was where I realized I just needed some more freedom to grow at the pace that I wanted to grow, and to have that reciprocated, at least to some degree.

Jacob Baadsgaard 5:09
When we’re in moments of our careers where we don’t want to work 60 or 80 hours a week. Maybe we just had a kid. Maybe we just got married. Maybe we want to do some more travel because we need to get some balance back into our lives. And there are those times where we want to work 80 hours and just go for it, and have a lot of progress.

Jess Dewell 8:12
When people can impact your bottom line, and when people see how their mission and what their skills are, and what their own drives are, and they can hitch them to the company that they work for, your company, your department — that’s really where the rubber meets the road as far as what we can do in leadership positions, which is actually leading.

Jacob Baadsgaard 11:51
We didn’t have it defined, but we more or less knew what we were trying to accomplish. And part of it was, are you ready to come on and help me figure out what this out so that we can define it together? And that’s been a big part of what we’ve done. In a lot of the situations where we figured it out for the first time and develop the pattern and the system for moving forward. And so I’ve got a lot of great people that have helped me work through those as well.

Jess Dewell 12:17
More than collaboration, cooperation to figure out what those sweet spots are for who were looking for, how are they going to excel, and what do they bring to the table from the beginning.

Jess Dewell 15:49
Experiment. Try be willing to be wrong. Those are inherent pieces of walking the walk, taking the right actions, and including what other people are looking for. And what they see as being the most beneficial to expand the area that they’re working in. I think this is fabulous.


Jess Dewell 17:55
Without continual growth and progress. such words as improvement, achieve, achievement and success have no meaning.

Jacob Baadsgaard 17:21
Our mantra is:  We come into work. We kick butt so that we can provide well for ourselves and our families, and have enough left over to be generous in a meaningful and impactful way in the community.

Jess Dewell 18:12
We’re all about achievement, improvement, success. And the only way to do that is to take stock and hold up a mirror. Can we be truthful about what we see and have the willingness to dream?

Jess Dewell 18:43
All three of our brains require the blood to circulate in our system, oxygen to be delivered, and the release of the hormones that reduce stress.

Jess Dewell 18:59
Here’s the thing. The three brains we have — our head brain, our heart brain, and our gut brain — all three of those when working in tandem, and leveraged well, turn out to give us our own internal checks and balances.

Jess Dewell 30:24
Sometimes we have to decide fast and decide often, just like we have to fail fast and fail often in certain situations to actually get to the nut of what’s trying to be accomplished.

Jacob Baadsgaard 31:40
I have a very detailed painted picture where I have described that type of person that I am three years from now, in detail, with with dates. And as a third party observer, this is how I view myself interacting in the world, and my relationship with self, spouse, kids, work, and those types of things. I read that, and I remember that a lot of the things that I’m stressed out about and that give me that fear, they don’t even follow on this painted picture. They’re not even that relevant.

Jacob Baadsgaard 33:16
There’s only one book I’ve listened to three times, That book is “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown. And each time I have read that book, I have made a meaningful change in my life that has stuck. Not just a temporary one.


How to deal with “shit” as a CEO by Mitchell Harper


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How do you stay lean and achieve rapid growth most effectively?

When choosing to go after rapid growth, things there are as scary as they are exciting. Knowing that effort went into creating a growth strategy which is grounded in thoughtful planning – as well as pushing the envelope of what we can articulate as possible – is what we fall back on when facing bumps along the way. Growth may have short-term effects, and to sustain growth over time effectively requires forward thought and courage. Jess Dewell discusses how to stay lean while achieving growth with Jacob Baadsgaard, CEO of Disruptive Advertising.

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