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How do we deal with a situation that is a means to an end when we are unsure what the end looks like?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Michael Rosenblum

What You Will Hear:

Timing of everyday gifts.

Define self-doubt.

It takes just one small change.

Examples of getting results by moving forward.

Stop and experience to receive the signs on the right path.

Live Audience Question: Are there different types of confidence?

The ability to foster goodness is programing positive triggers within ourselves.

Never after, it’s Happily Ever Always.

Other people’s emotions … are their emotions, not yours.

The way confidence looks, feels, and sounds.

Hard situations happen to all of us.

The power of affirmations.

Live Audience Question: Is there a technique that you would like to share that you use to control yourself and NOT respond to the angry outburst from the other side

Live Audience Question: What is the difference between confidence and self-esteem?

What makes it BOLD to face self doubt and move forward to get results?

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Michael Rosenblum 4:44
Self doubt is questioning yourself on a continuous basis of whether or not you’re capable of doing something. And if you think about self doubt, the only way you cannot overcome it is by building your confidence level. And that’s something that takes time. Building your confidence level comes by picking yourself up every time you fall, and saying, “I’m going to do it this time. I’m going to accomplish that what I set out to do.”

Michael Rosenblum 5:26
Self discovery is a painful process. And it takes years to foster the courage to be able to say, “I can do this.”

Michael Rosenblum 5:38
We learn every time we fall. And I think that’s what’s so important for people to understand.

Michael Rosenblum 5:51
When I have fallen, I have to pick myself up. I just have to. And the reason why is because I realized that if I don’t pick myself up, nobody else will.

Jess Dewell 6:11
Somebody once said, “My business is from my toes, to my nose. And everything outside of that is not my business.”

Michael Rosenblum 6:40
When you don’t pick yourself up, it shows up by being miserable. It makes you feel unhappy.

Michael Rosenblum 6:50
We are all creatures of the universe. And we are all special. Every single one of us is an incredible human being. And the reason why we’re incredible is because we’re born with special gifts that are different than everyone else.

Michael Rosenblum 7:32
Everyone is born with some special thing. And it’s that self discovery period, when you begin to realize what you’re so great at, that it begins to foster success in so many different ways. And we find that confidence and build that confidence based on these unique gifts that we actually have buried within ourselves.

Michael Rosenblum 8:17
If everyone thinks about a diamond, it’s a chunk of rock and it has to go through the hardest cut and the roughest polish in order to shine to brilliance. So too the same with us as human beings. As we discover ourselves, and we perfect ourselves, we begin to shine. And we create that mindset of happiness, which we absolutely deserve to live in.

Michael Rosenblum 11:09
We need to initiate one small change within our daily pattern.

Michael Rosenblum 11:28
Do one thing different. Maybe take a yoga class. You never know who you’ll meet in that yoga class. Maybe you’ll meet Mr. Right? Maybe you’ll meet Mrs. Right? Maybe you’ll meet somebody who connects you to a person who connects you to your next job, or boss or something fabulous.

Michael Rosenblum 11:49
We have to have continuous motion in order to be able to get to that brilliance and shine kind of like the sun. It goes down at night. So the moon comes up, but then it rises the next day. It has for billions of years. It’s no different than with us as people as we journey through our lifespan. We have to initiate some sort of change or movement like the sun which repositions itself constantly throughout the day wallets awake. And why should we be any different? And I think that’s what’s so important.

Michael Rosenblum 14:18
There’s no such thing as perfection in an imperfect world.

Michael Rosenblum 15:24
Here’s the beauty of manure. When we mix it with the soil, it actually grows our vegetables, which sustains life.

Michael Rosenblum 16:22
The door will constantly open when we go ahead and push ourselves to do something different than our daily pattern.

Michael Rosenblum 16:44
Look at the dead of winter. It always brings the birth of Spring.

Michael Rosenblum 17:49
The most beautiful lilies grow in swamps. So there’s always something beautiful about something that’s ugly.

Michael Rosenblum 21:01
I think it’s important that when we make a change, that we not only listen to our inner self, but we look at the signs that are given around us, which are confirmation that we’re on the right path.

Michael Rosenblum 22:36
One of the most poisonous confidence levels is when you become arrogant, or when you become so self assured that you feel you can treat any situation or any person any way you want, and nothing will happen. And that’s not true.

Michael Rosenblum 23:09
The most fragile gift you give to another human being is your trust.

Michael Rosenblum 23:16
With confidence, there is a level where you say, I’m going to pay it forward. I’m going to treat others the way I would want to be treated. If you frame your level of confidence with that mindset, and you don’t become arrogant with your confidence, then you will always find the pathways to success guaranteed.

Michael Rosenblum 28:41
Sometimes it takes a lot to go that extra mile or that extra step. But I have done that many times with clients. And guess what, eventually they settle back down and they actually come to your side.

Michael Rosenblum 29:03
There’s no “I” in the word “team.” Together, the team actually succeeds.

Jess Dewell 30:11
There’s an emotional intelligence . And recognizing other people’s emotions, even if they’re being thrown or spewed or firehose at us, they’re not about us.

Jess Dewell 32:03
Fitting in, and belonging is one thing. Being ourselves, and being able to do it in a way filled with gratitude and I’m even going to use word positivity here, allows other people to have a safe space that creates trust.

Michael Rosenblum 34:03
Treat others the way that you would want them to treat you. And we forget this on a daily basis.

Michael Rosenblum 34:56
We need to live together We are each each others instruction manual.

Michael Rosenblum 36:06
Well, the book is entitled “Happily Ever Always.” And it’s the idea of helping everybody find their personal truth, which helps foster and create a mindset of happiness.

Michael Rosenblum 38:08
Success isn’t always measured by how much somebody loves you, or how much material wealth you acquire. I think it’s really the security that we find within ourself.

Michael Rosenblum 38:28
When we build our confidence, and we don’t get arrogant, but we continue a pathway of taking care of ourselves and being true to ourselves, listening to ourselves, trusting ourselves, and giving ourselves permission to be our authentic self, that we then really can achieve beyond our imagination.

Michael Rosenblum 42:29
Mean things do happen to all of us. The idea is not to dwell on that. It’s to stay positive.

Michael Rosenblum 43:02
I’ve taken the time to accept that which isn’t, and realize that I can foster it to become that what I want it to be. That is something that takes a lot of time,

Jess Dewell 44:06
Acknowledging the fact that we lose our confidence is a good thing. That in and of itself can clear out so that we can experience again, and feed and here what’s inside, and feed in here, what’s outside

Michael Rosenblum 44:29
And you want to know something? W e all do become arrogant at times, even when we don’t want to be. And guess what,? Then something happens. And we say, God, why did that happen? Hello. That’s kind of a sign saying, “hey, step back in line Mister.” You need to think about your positioning. You’re getting a little bit too big for your britches,

Michael Rosenblum 44:56
We have to believe that we’re not put on this earth to be miserable. We’re actually put on this earth to be happy. But it takes a lot of time.

Michael Rosenblum 46:00
There’s no such thing as perfection in an imperfect world. It’s impossible. We get double budded roses. But maybe that’s the beauty. It’s okay.

Michael Rosenblum 46:57
You’re not gonna fight with a bully, you’ll never win. So when somebody is antagonistic and you know they’re antagonistic, it’s sort of like Obama would say, “We’re going to go high when they go low.”

Michael Rosenblum 48:28
Our confidence is what allows us to move and navigate through different pathways that are both good and bad. But our self esteem is just feeling good about who we are all the time.

Michael Rosenblum 48:51
Sometimes self esteem can be dangerous, because you become arrogant

Michael Rosenblum 49:00
Self esteem is going one higher level than confidence. Sort of playing in the devil’s workshop.

Michael Rosenblum 49:11
You can think too highly of yourself. That arrogance begins to shine, and everything begins to crumble.

Jess Dewell 49:21
Arrogance is when we are closed to other people and other situations. And we only listen to ourselves.

Michael Rosenblum 49:42
Confidence is the tools that we get out to build the frame. The esteem, that design that we do after we’ve built the frame. But again, it’s important not to think that we’re too good or too big.

Michael Rosenblum 50:02
Sometimes pride can be a very ridiculous asset because it keeps us from really fostering achievement.

Michael Rosenblum 50:37
Fear is nothing more than faith turned inside out. And courage is nothing more than moving forward in the face of fear.

Michael Rosenblum 50:52
And trusting yourself and believing in yourself despite anybody else believing in you? It’s you realizing again, that you’re a special human being with gifts that are different than your sister, your friend, your brother, your aunt. You’re here for a reason, and you’re here for happiness, not misery.


Happily Ever Always


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How do we deal with a situation that is a means to an end when we are unsure what the end looks like?

The last time you felt self-doubt, what did you do? The habits surrounding how to deal with the uncertainty between our ears is itself a habit – which influences our mindset. Being confident is a skill, and the pursuit of happiness can end – specifically, we can recognize joy in everyday situations. Jess Dewell talks with Michael Rosenblum about how to face doubt to get to results.

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