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How do you help a new employee understand the culture of your organization?

Host: Jessica Dewell
Guest: Ron Goode

What You Will Hear:

Networks of support are necessary to get energy into the organization.

Culture is top down.

The power to act is ours. Take responsibility.

Use the power to act to find ad address leaks in culture.

Step up into the job function AND commit to the cooperative achievement of the goals.

Tips to foster learning – get one of these three things into the mix.

Values are the foundation of company culture.

The way we work together illustrates the culture to new employees.

When we onboard, there is box checking, training, and learner centered training.

Transfer the importance of the way we work together to key personnel to ensure consistency in culture.

Ways to approach discord between employee behaviors and culture.

One soft skill Ron chooses to use every day to make a positive impact as a leader.

It is BOLD to instill culture in new employees?

Notable and Quotable:


Ron Goode 3:01
Even things like learning and education in the workplace. It starts from the top.

Ron Goode 3:08
If the executives, the managers, the directors, the people who are running the organization or directing it, if they create a culture where people are open and friendly, or they embrace it, or inspire it or encourage it, then it trickles down to every level of the organization.

Ron Goode 5:47
There are people who are hierarchically at an organization at the lower rungs of the organization, they have an ability to act that a president or vice president might not have simply because of their schedule, and the complexity of their job. And so that power is very amazing. And it’s very powerful. And you can accomplish a lot with it, simply because you have the ability to act at a level that no one else does.

Ron Goode 6:50
People at every organization have the power to act, and sometimes that power creates change.

Jess Dewell 8:27
Purposeful action is such an important part of what we do, not only to live our own lives to make the best impact possible, as we’re working with others in whatever role that is.

Jess Dewell 9:07
It’s clear to me that the power to act is the core of that sustainability.


Jess Dewell 15:50
Just because we can recite the values doesn’t mean that that’s actually what our culture is, or what’s making up our culture.

Ron Goode 16:15
Most of a company’s culture happens not in the limelight. But it’s the people who actually do it as a part of their big picture of what comes out of them. That is the culture. The values set the foundation, but it’s the person’s action that they take based on those values that create the culture. That’s the way I see it.

Ron Goode 21:42
We support each other. We’re a team. The team win. Everybody wins. You win, I win.

Ron Goode 23:49
From the learner centered, to the organization centered, to the content centered, if you can find that sweet spot, go for that one. But I’ll take two out of three any day ,over one out of three.

Ron Goode 36:39
I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I don’t assume, or cast aspersions on why they did something. But just give my honest, completely honest observation and what I feel the impact can be to the organization and what we’re trying to. And hope that the person I’m delivering this to understands it, but it’s never accusatory, argumentative or anger or anything, because those things you used to get the opposite response of what you want. And then you spend all this energy dealing with that.

Ron Goode 45:48
Many times I need someone else to work with me to solve the problem, or to overcome to change, or to deal with distress. Nobody can do any of this all by themselves. We all need each other.

Ron Goode 46:22
Sometimes we want to be conservative, and like kind of test the waters out, and that’s fine. But sometimes if you need big change, be bold and take a bold act, like make a bold statement.

Ron Goode 49:02
Bold is what you have to do. If you want a real change? Sometimes you’ve got to make a decision and take a bold action and mean it. And then stick to it. And adjust later if you have to.

Jess Dewell 49:50
All it takes is somebody to speak up, to open the door to receive somebody else’s feelings, emotions and thoughts that can smooth over, remove and make bigger not only positive change, but leaps of change.


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How do you help a new employee understand the culture of your organization?

Culture is what we say, what we do, and how we do it. It’s what defines the words in your company’s vision and values. Ongoing training is one element of developing capacity within each employee – including internalization of the company culture – that provides a way to identify future leadership. Jess Dewell talks with Ron Goode, who develops training and education programs and has a passion to instill culture in new employees.

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