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Successful business relationships help us use the skills we have and the skills we are developing to achieve the most success in our personal growth and company growth we are responsible for.

Host: Jess Dewell
Guest: Ted Prodromou

What You Will Hear:

What we really have control over.

Hindsight is 20-20, mindset gets us through.

Every company is a technology company.

Bold claims – the cart or the horse.

We need relationships.

People love to buy things.

Three elements that underpin the essence of social selling.

There is a knowing to understand what the people we speak to face.

Overlooked elements of goal setting to help us achieve our goals.

Skills needed to achieve social selling goals.

Books you recommend to be a well-rounded business thinker today.

Would you do anything different?

Make space to notice.

What makes it BOLD to take control of your career through social selling?

Notable and Quotable:

Jess Dewell 9:36
I like it when other people see things about us that we don’t see about ourselves in the role that we’re in: coach, mastermind, mentor. That’s just a really important factor is somebody else can take everything that they’re seeing, everything that we’re saying, and synthesize it for us differently. And so that extra set of eyes is so important.

Ted Prodromou 11:08
If you’re not a millionaire yet, just act as if you’re a millionaire. Dress like one. Hang out with them. Act as if and eventually your subconscious kicks in, and things happen. And that’s really what happened.

Jess Dewell 12:14
Belief is important. However, belief without action doesn’t get us anywhere.

Ted Prodromou 14:53
Still selling? It’s like a marketing term, good old fashioned, getting to know people, like we got to know each other. We’re not trying to sell each other. I think we’re just trying to build relationships. And then you may refer me to a friend. And I may refer you to a friend.


Jess Dewell 15:46
Still, even though there’s this concept of social selling, and internet selling, and digital selling, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It all comes down to relationships. However, there’s the element of getting noticed, getting fast and being taught that gets to the numbers and the results will come.

Ted Prodromou 16:02
Make 100 cold calls. You might get one person to answer. Make another hundred, you might get another person to answer.

Ted Prodromou 16:37
Well, we all know people love to buy things. But also people hate to be sold.

Ted Prodromou 17:18
Pretend we’re sitting at Starbucks, having a cup of coffee and having a conversation. Treat people like that, one to one, instead of one too many. And they get to know, like, and trust you. And they buy from you. It takes time.

Jess Dewell 17:44
Instant gratification, because that’s what we’re used to, as a consumer. Yet, think about all the stuff that has to go into making instant gratification possible. So when a business does it, or tries to do it, that’s where there’s failures. And that’s where there’s upsets. And that’s where there’s weaknesses. And that’s why there’s false starts that sometimes recoverable quickly, but a lot of times takes a while to recover from.

Ted Prodromou 19:51
Treat people like they’re human beings, not like a bot. Just because we’re connected by electronics doesn’t mean we’re not humans at each end.

Jess Dewell 22:09
If you use your gut, you have to have personal responsibility now, for your actions,, and your outcomes.


Ted Prodromou 23:33
There’s no checklist that works for everybody. It’s what your gut is telling you.

Ted Prodromou 24:50
It’s all ties together. We’re all human beings. We know that’s stuff is never going to change. The technology we communicate with will change.

Jess Dewell 28:24
And we can all control who we know, how we know them, the relationships that we have through the conversations that are started. And so when we want to make a change, we now have a more solid space to work from.

Ted Prodromou 31:22
I just come back to the old school of Zig Ziegler. It’s just constantly help people.

Ted Prodromou 31:36
So you just help people they begin to know like, and trust you. And then when you do ask for the sale, like “Oh, sure. Why didn’t you ask him before.”

Ted Prodromou 33:55
There’s still a certain number of people that are in it to make a sale. They’re not here to help you. They’re just here to make money. We’re here to help people and we make money



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Successful business relationships help us use the skills we have and the skills we are developing to achieve the most success in our personal growth and company growth we are responsible for. 

Every role within an organization holds an aspect of sales. We all interface in some way with customers, vendors, and even prospective customers … accepting responsibility and learning how to create meaningful (and productive) business relationships. Jess Dewell talks with award-winning, best-selling author Ted Prodromou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach, about how to direct your career during change.

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