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What BOLD move are you taking to achieve a new level of growth in 2019?

Host: Jess Dewell
Guests: Mary Fran Bontempo, Dr. Richard Shuster, Michael Daniels, Dr. Federico Fioretto, Debbi Sluys, Pam Barroway, Steve Rosvold, Ivana Taylor, Tom Rhodes, Debra Oakland

What You Will Hear:

Throughout, arriving guests answer
What BOLD move are you taking to achieve a new level of growth in 2019?

Everyone shared something new and different, some shared doing more.

The power of video.

The importance of brainstorming.

Creativity, inspiration, and loving life.

How to anticipate change.

The role of emotions.

Letting go of everything we know to be true for a different truth (and bigger opportunity).

Stage of professional development we are in and what that looks and sounds like.

What happens when we own every choice.

Notable and Quotable:

Steve Rosvold 20:43
What’s happening is a lot of the technology allows us do a lot of accounting work more through automation. We’re able to create a different focus. We’re on the scouts teams now.

Steve Rosvold 21:14
If your accountant is only providing financial statements for you at the end of the year, there’s so much more they can do. Thinking about how to use our function in your business can really be an accelerator for growth.

Steve Rosvold 21:27
And you think about what finance people do, they’re able to convert activity into numbers to get to show performance from a financial standpoint.

Jess Dewell 21:55
Out of all of the areas of business that I work within companies, financial accountants are the easiest to add last. And it seems to be the first to automate out.

Steve Rosvold 22:28
The financials are really important, but they’re not very valuable, which really got a lot of accountants upset when I said that, by the way. That role is very critical, but it doesn’t add much value. So the next step is using all that information to do this growth piece.

Steve Rosvold 22:49
Automation accountants, it’s easy to automate. And that’s a good thing. Because a lot of lot of the accounting rules are very fun.. An accounts payable person doesn’t come to their job thinking, “Boy, I can’t wait to clear that next account payable and make that next payment.”

Jess Dewell 23:25
Independence at every level. And when we free up some of those tasks that people don’t like to do, even when it’s their area of expertise, even when that’s what they were hired to do. When there isn’t an element of independence, when there isn’t an opportunity to look at other things, when there’s only time to do the tasks without thinking — it doesn’t matter the level, doesn’t matter the person — there’s that slow ebb of erosion of excitement around coming to work every day. And so being able to do things that allow more independence, that allow more thoughtfulness that allow more people to have the opportunity to think about and get ideas to share, to find opportunities to grow Not only is fun and exciting, but it’s also necessary for how companies will grow in the next three years and five years in 10 years from now,

Michael Daniels 24:19
Every time I teach. Every time I do something, I learned something myself. That’s what keeps us as humans, human. That’s what my mom told me.

Jess Dewell 37:04
Once we learn, we can then teach. And we learn ourselves, by teaching others.

Federico Fioretto 39:34
I would like to ask, Jess, how are you are able to generate so many hours in your day, because I don’t believe you have on it. 24 hours.

Jess Dewell 39:43
It’s all about sleep. So I sleep a lot. And then the rest can happen the way that it needs to happen. But if I don’t get my sleep, I don’t have an evil twin. When I become that twin.

Federico Fioretto 40:43
For me, for instance, walking in the forest is one of the greatest sources of new ideas. Many of my trainings have been born from walks on the mountains.

Federico Fioretto 41:03
I talked to myself loudly asking questions until answers come out. That’s a way of creating for me. But I think that comes from love from life, basically, Then, if you love life, and loving people, then you become creative, because want to do something with the wonderful thing of being alive.

Debbi Sluys 43:02
Talking out loud to yourself, but also talking out loud to each other and declaring your goals — that helps me spark ideas. I think, “Oh, yeah, that’s great. Oh, you should try this.’ Or ‘I know someone.’ So just that connection, that always gets my creative juices flowing when I make those really great connections with like minded people, for sure.

Steve Rosvold 43:33
My ideas, of course, I think they’re pretty good. But they get so much better when you add people to them. And when you add the to the discussion and you bring them in, the ideas get so much better.

Steve Rosvold 43:43
I find my first ideas are usually not very good. I thought they were good when I started. But then bringing more people into it really enhances the value, and creates more value from those discussions.

Federico Fioretto 48:18
It’s accepting that you can’t anticipate everything. So there will be somethings anytime or every time that’s unforeseen. And sometimes you can cope with it. Sometimes you don’t, and you have to very much change your plans, or even abandon your plans.

Federico Fioretto 48:36
When we have done the best that we can, sometimes we have to accept that we don’t go that way. Because that that’s just impossible. But we have to be happy with the the fact we’ve done the best we could. Adapting, and being resilient is more important sometimes than trying to anticipate everything, which is about controlling.

Debbi Sluys 50:01
I am huge proponent of power words, or word of the year. My word for 2019 is ready. You think about anticipation in that that I’m ready. I’m ready for whatever shows up. And I think if it’s in a state of readiness, then the anticipation is only of good things coming my way. And being able to go with the flow of what shows up.

Debbi Sluys 50:26
In my classes. I talked about ask, believe and receive. To be able to receive means to be ready.

Debbi Sluys 50:30
I also think about preparedness, but being as prepared as I can with things that I can control. That gives me a sense of calm. It gives me a sense of peace. And knowing that’s only within my circle of control, and trying to anticipate those kinds of things. And the rest. I just have to be ready for what shows up

Steve Rosvold 51:19
The big word now has got to be able to “pivot.” So having a few different ways to pivot is how I approach things. “If this happens, then what do I do?’

Steve Rosvold 54:20
You can pivot and turn around and go backwards, or you just pivot a little,. Maybe a pivot that is a complete about face and you’re doing something completely different — and a lot of people use it that way — my whole careers changing, so that’s a pivot. I look at it a little bit like more of an adjustment. But there might be a time where it’s a really big adjustment.

Michael Daniels 59:04
If the Titanic would have made a pivot, they might have been in a different situation.

Federico Fioretto 1:04:02
But I wonder, why should we be angry when we fail. Because, who lives without failing?

Federico Fioretto 1:04:09
We stop getting enraged when we learn that failure is natural. Everybody fails. And it’s the way we learn. It’s the way life teaches us.

Federico Fioretto 1:04:34
Maybe it’s a good strategy to go to another room and explode. Then your emotions get out, and you don’t spit your rage in the face of someone who has nothing to do with it. Because basically, we are angry with ourselves, because we have failed, and we have to forgive. Not forget, but learn and go forward.

Jess Dewell 1:05:30
What I’ve learned over time, nd I don’t know about anybody else., but there’s always going to be something that presses my button, here and there. Sometimes it’s a button I don’t know I have. And sometimes it’s like, ‘Oh, wow, how amazing is this?” On the ones that I know though, the more practice that I get, when I know I’m going to get mad at myself, or I know I’m going to react to something, when I am able to go express an emotion, I am transforming that in a way that allows me to be triggered less next time because I allow myself the experience. And don’t we forget some of that sometimes.

Tom Rhodes 1:06:03
We all learn a lot. Yes, we go through failures, and successes, and challenges, and all those things. If we’re not willing to (A) continue to learn, and (B) help other people going through those same things, and who may be facing the same things, or your children who are gonna definitely face them as I go along, then you’ve wasted a lot of energy over the years.

Scott Scowcroft 1:21:10
A lot of what is happening in terms of collaboration is as a result of the internet, and the collaboration tools that are available to us. And that we’re able to self select those who we like and who we want to work with, It’s a revolution. It’s a shift in power that this interconnectivity has, and lends itself to collaboration and cooperation.

Tom Rhodes 1:25:11
My dad used to tell me all the time that, people don’t work for you, they work with you. Every time I talked to them about work, from the time I was 20 ’till he passed away, he would tell me that every time we have their conversation. Now, that becomes a global thing. People working with you. And if people have an open mind and have an understanding that working together with each other, is going to get you much further than trying to be in competition, which I think you’re going to be a lot more successful together as a group.

Tom Rhodes 1:32:39
It’s about believing in yourself. It took me a long time to learn how to say no. Now that I have that ability a little bit to say no, and I’ve been able to kind of relax, and know that the things I say yes to are the things that are really important to me. If its not really important, and I don’t believe in it, or I don’t think I’m going to give value, or people are going to get value out of me, than I can just say no.

Tom Rhodes 1:38:12
You got to believe in yourself first. Gotta stop questioning what you’re doing.

Debra Odakland 1:39:06
Every conscious choice you make is what unfolds into your life. And if you’re making bad choices, pretty crappy things happen in your life. But if you start paying attention to the choices that you’re making, everything’s going to shift.

Michael Daniels 1:39:47
Being willing to fail will help you be successful because we all fail, everybody fails. Then restart and do different things.

Debra Odakland 1:42:29
We need to be gentle with ourselves. And we need to step back and say, it’s okay. This is a process, and it can take some time. That’s okay.

Tom Rhodes 1:42:41
I have the saying that choice is our superpower. It’s the one thing we can control is what we choose to do, or what we choose to say, or what we choose the teach, or what would use the work. That’s how we control our life.

Tom Rhodes 1:43:02
From the standpoint of how do you decide to move on, or learn something, or be more mature, or whatever, then you just got to choose to do it. And you just got to focus on doing it. Look in the mirror and say, “Did I make the right choices? Or do I have to do something else?” It’s hard sometimes. We have to choose it, we have to own it.

Scott Scowcroft 1:43:20
As you grow older, you become more confident in yourself, you become less concerned about peer pressure, or what others think. One needs, in my opinion, to be well grounded and what’s right and what’s wrong, and try and be true to yourself, and get better confidence. And it’s that internal guidance, rather than looking for approval from the outside, that I think helps.

Debra Odakland 1:48:16
I think age gives us that gift of adaptability.

Debra Odakland 1:49:04
if you can’t adapt in this world right now, and you’re not going to get very far, because it’s a different world than we grew up in.

Jess Dewell 1:57:39
When I talk about dimensionality, it sounds a little bit like you’re just shaking that magic eight ball and hoping you get the right advice. Or it’s that genie in the lantern that you can get your three wishes. And what would you wish for? And in reality, it’s not though. It’s very much intentional, purposeful and thoughtful to go out and say “Where are my blinders? What is going on here? What else could I learn? Am I making assumptions? How do we find those things together so that we are always taking the intentional, purposeful action that we want to do to see that longer term growth result.”



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What BOLD move are you taking to achieve a new level of growth in 2019?

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